A gift for Mommy

“But mom, I am a boy! Why you did this to me.” I yelled to Sarah, my mother.

“Relax honey, it’s not forever. It is just I wanted to know what’s like to have a daughter, so I want you to look as one. It’s just for today, for my birthday.” She responded.

“But why should I wear these clothes? It feels very strange. This cleavage is too revealing…”

“It suits you great, Jennifer! Look at your body, you are a lady now.”

“My name is John!” I shouted with my new girly voice.

“Couldn’t you just play along for once? Now smile a little, I want some photos, you look cute.” She took some pictures of me with her phone.

“Mom, this is very embarrassing. I feel weird and different. I don’t like to be like this, please! ”

The doorbell rang in that moment.

“I think the family arrived. Oh, it’s Mark, your cousin. Wait here, I’ll open.”

“And what about me?? Wait, I don’t want him to see me like this, do not open!” I said nervously.
My mother rolled her eyes and opened. Mark entered and waved.

“Hi, happy birthday Sarah!” My cousin said. “Hey, who is the gorgeous girl?” He said looking at me.

“She’s Jennifer, a niece of mine. She’s going with us today” My mother responded him, winking at me.

“So hello Jennifer, you look very pretty.” He said when subtly passed his hand over my shoulder and my neck. That sent me an incredible feeling down my spine. Also, my cousin seemed more handsome than usual. I could not look away from him. He was even taller than me in my new small body.

“Why don’t you two go to John’s room? He will not return in a long time. You can go talk and meet there. I’ll go prepare the meal; the family reunion starts in 4 hours. You have time to get to know each other in deep.” She said walking away.

“So, should we go up the stairs?” He asked putting his big manly hand on my shoulder.

I was breathing fast. Me, trapped in that body, I had no escape. I bit my lip and looked up to him.

“Well… okey” I said with a sweet voice.

“All right” He said smiling at me, sliding his hand down my back to my waist. My mind was numb and my heart was pounding fast. My body sweated. I took his hand. And we both went up to my room and shut the door behind us.


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