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He’s almost finished. You can feel it… His cock tightening in your pussy… Pulling your head and bending you all the way back, so that your face meets his, he kisses you. That’s how you know that it’s basically a done deal. Read more

Go Fuck Yourself

Fuck off Jack

When Jack was told to “go fuck himself” by his now ex-girlfriend, he didn’t think it meant that it meant his dick would fall off and transform into a dildo. Read more

Final cum shot

“mmmm that’s it honey, this is it your final fuck as a man. cum for me, shoot your bolt for the very last time. You’re going to become one of us.” Read more

You Don’t Understand?

“You don’t understand why I’m such a slut, Randy? Well I bet now you will,” said Liza, after turning Randy into a copy of herself, and making him ride her latest male boy toy Anton. Read more

Double spell

When I got Audrey’s picture I realized the spell had worked. Just 10 minutes ago, me and my friend Andrew had casted a spell we bought online. It was supposed to have the caster possess the body of any person in the world. “Ok, if it works, you must send me some evidence” I told Andrew. He casted the spell, and I saw him fade away. Read more

Into the Wrong House

When Brent the burglar entered this particular mansion, it was the wrong house for him. The owner, was there, despite creating the illusion he was gone on vacation. The lights came on, and low and behold there stood Brent with two bags of goodies from the mansion, and the owner angrily smiling at him. Read more

My Girlfriend Is MY DAD Part 2

It was a very strange week. I was taking my Dad is a woman’s body to the mall and many other shopping centers to buy clothes, makeup, and anything else he needed to blend into this new form he was trying to discover everything about. Dad made sure to learn how women walked, talked, and dress and much to my shock, he was good at being a woman: he gained new lady friends including Ms. Jackson next door. He needed a name for his female life so I gave him a name: Rose. Everything new he discovered about his new body, he made sure to log it down for his research however, it wasn’t always just for science. Read more

Chandra Chillaxes

Chad was wore out from work, and just wanted to chill and relax. His roommate had other plans however, experimenting with a spell book. As Chad sat on his favorite chair and watched TV, he found himself feeling strange to say the least. Gazing down at himself he seen why. He now had a soft petite body with all the right curves, and ample budding breasts. All of which was covered by a short sexy little black dress, flesh tone hose, and super high black shiny heels. Read more

Prosti Tutor

Preston was supposed to be Jeff’s tutor for his math class, but Jeff had other plans for him. Jeff had a special spell in mind to become Preston’s tutor instead. Read more

Out Into the World

Jeff managed to escape the lab that changed him into a curvy busty blonde bombshell, and now he’s walking the streets wondering what to do next and who would even believe it was him? He looked totally different, and nothing like a man at all. Read more