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Temporary to Permanent

It was only meant to be temporary. Just had to be a sister for my own sister for a week. I had to dress up as a girl and act like a girl. The process was so simple , swallow one pill and your manhood is swallowed with it. To be honest I was quite excited when I turned out to be so busty.
It wasn’t easy adjusting. Wearing a dress, walking in heels and keeping my long hair out of my face. I can’t forget about the extra weight I carry on my chest. There is of course sitting to pee which is really something to get used to. My sister helped me with everything which I was hugely grateful for.
To be honest, I was kind of enjoying the experience. I appreciated getting a taste of the other side. I was somewhat disturbed when I began thinking about my desire to stay this way. I didn’t want to go back to flat chests, body hair and external plumbing. I needed my vagina and I loved dresses and make up. I loved the freedom of space downstairs and I revelled in the looks I got walking down the street. The looks no man gets.
I discussed it with my sister. She wants me to remain female too. All I needed to do was swallow a pill to make it permanent. I couldn’t get it down my throat soon enough. It went down as did the chances of my manhood returning. I wasn’t complaining. Being female is better. What was a temporary experience has become my life. A better life.

Strange mother

The strangest thing happened to my girlfriend and I. We were peacefully watching TV when her mother came into the room, pointing some sort of remote control at us. She laughed and hit the main button. A flash of light hit us, and when we came back to ourselves we weren’t in our bodies any longer.
I was in my girlfriend’s body, my girlfriend became her mom, and she became me. Read more

A shapeshifting tale

Ever since I found out shapeshifting runs in the family, I can’t get enough of it. My mother had it, my grandma had it, and now, I have the ability too. Abilities first show up around puberty. I felt awful when I got them, it was like the worst flu you could imagine. I had a fever, chills, aching body, even some gum bleeding. After the sickness part passed away, my mother explained what I had gone through. She took a couple of weeks off work to teach me how to shape shift. “It takes a lot of concentration” she said. Read more

What my last thought of the day mandates

Although I didn’t think so at first, this has been quite an outstanding year. It all started when my sister Emily asked my parents if she could go on a trip with her boyfriend. “No!” they said, they didn’t want Tom to take advantage of her. Emily cried and locked herself on her room. Later that night, as I went to bed I fell asleep while thinking about that. Read more

Swapper for Hire

I was beginning to think that Nate might be the one. Every moment I spend with him only makes me more certain of that fact. He can help me up when I’m in down, and is the first person I want to share my joy with. And the way he makes love to me is absolutely indescribable. I never thought I’d ever openly admit that, and I certainly never thought I’d be happy about it. Let me explain. Read more

The Slut Gun

I was on the deep web one night when I came across something very interesting – The Slut Gun, as it called itself. It claimed if you pointed it at someone and pulled the trigger, they would turn into a sexy submissive slut. It was surprisingly cheap too, so I paid and got it shipped to my house. It would be interesting to say the least. Read more

In Plain Sight

I pulled my hair back into a ponytail as I stared at my former body entertaining the other party guests. Geez, was he working out that much? Never in my wildest dreams did I think Sofia could thrive in my body like she had, but that she did. Read more

A Family Swap (Part 1)

As I was listening to my dad, I couldn’t help but sigh. One of his invention malfunctioned and now I am in my mother’s body. It would have been fine if I had to stay like this for only a few minutes but apparently the machine was broken now… Read more