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How I changed

My friend Tom tricked me into putting a necklace on. He said it was a gift for his sister, and he just wanted to see how it looks. “But I am a guy” I said. “I know, I just want to see how it looks” he insisted. “Fine” I said and put it on. “Ok, you’ve seen it, now I am taking it off” I said, “You will do no such thing. Leave it on” he said. I really wanted to take it off, but somehow I couldn’t. Read more

You are cordially invited

The patrol car came to a halt right outside a large house in the more fashionable area in town.
“I guess it´s here”, Malcolm said with a slightly jaded tone in his voice.
“Guess it is”, Sam agreed. Read more

My fantasy fullfilled

“Where’s my keyboard?” I asked myself when it just faded away from existance. I was looking at an otgc caption titled “Their fantasies fulfilled”, when everything around me started changing. “What’s this?” I asked myself when I realized my computer mouse had transformed into a brush. I should have just left it there and walk away, but instead, I felt the need to brush my hair. Read more

The Chalice of Trust

Martin reveled of the blowjob the girl betwen his legs was giving him. She was a pro keeping him just beyond orgasm. He could feel tingling running up and down his loins and a pleasureable warm relaxation in his whole body.
Her innocent deer eyes made the whole situation even more erotic.
And he pondered the amount of trust that had went into to make this wonderful experience happen. Read more

Her party, my party

It was her party. When Audrey kissed me out of the blue, and asked me to follow her to her room, I didn’t even hesitate. I followed her downstairs, leaving all of my friends downstairs. We entered her room, and locked the door. “Wait here by the door” she said. I could already feel my erection. She took all her clothes and revealed her perfect body. Read more

Insert rod for transformation

Kyle held the Gender Injector in his hand and primed it for insertion. The information to the nanobots inside had already been transferred, now he just had to lube it up before using it. Read more

Slut Crown

I was so engrossed by the book I was reading that I didn´t notice when Hank snuck up behind me and put something on my head. Read more