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Lover’s Exchange to Happiness

Glen’s girlfriend found out about his secret on their trip to Italy, after a long talk in their hotel room. Always an excellent boyfriend, Glen treated Skyler like a queen, and she consistently felt like she didn’t measure up on her end to his kindness and generosity. He had even paid entirely for their trip, without even asking for a cent from Skyler. She had to admit to herself she was a bit shocked and thrown a curveball when she heard the confession from Glen, not that he cheated or did anything bad, but that he, in fact, wanted to be a she. He wanted to be a woman. Skyler finally asked him a simple question. Read more

Golden Chalice or Golden Blonde?

When Darren broke into the temple in one of his expeditions, he found a strange golden chalice. When he touched it, it spoke, saying he could keep the Chalice for gold riches, or leave it, and be rewarded with another kind of gold riches. Darren decided he would leave it, as he feared taking it might lead to a trap. After all nothing bad happened all those thousands of years it was buried in the ancient tomb. Leaving it there might be best, especially since it spoke to him! Read more

Cheaper than tickets

“Come on, I know I don’t have tickets but I do have these.” He flashed his mother’s breasts letting security get a full view. “What do say boys, can I get in?” Read more

New found powers

Tom had just received his new powers. He couldn’t wait until he tried it on one of his friends. He had it all planned out, he even bought some lingerie and girly clothes for after the transformation. It was a long way home, and he was alone in the subway car. But when a random guy entered the car, he decided to try his new found powers ahead of time. Read more

Ich bin Anke

“Wow Jan, dieser Verwandlungszauber hat gewirkt. Du bist echt eine Frau geworden. Und was für eine. Ich hoffe du bist mir nicht böse, dass ich dich in deine Mutter verwandelt habe. Aber sie ist echt eine geile Milf und ich fantasiere schon lange darüber, mit ihr Sex zu haben. Jan, warum grinnst du so? Alles ok?” Read more

You Need A Mother

“What did you do this for?” Questioned Alex (left).
“I did it for you. You’re mother died and you need a mother” explained the woman on the right.
“But I need a father”
“No you don’t you need a mother. You’re a growing girl. You need a mother to help you”
“But wouldn’t you want to be a man” said Alex.
“Believe me, being female is better. Being a man is stupendously overrated. Just look at my chest.”
“I see,” said the daughter “do you have any clothes?”
“Only the ones I have on” explained the mother.
“We better get shopping then”
“I’d love that” smiled the mother.
The pair went shopping and became one of the sexiest mother and daughter combinations on the planet. They both couldn’t possibly be happier

Andrea und Dominique

“Na Andre (links) und Dominik (rechts)? Oder soll ich euch jetzt besser Andrea und Dominique nennen? Wie füllt ihr euch? Wirkt der Wein? Ihr seht wesentlich entspannter aus, als vorhin” sagte Sebastian zu seinen Kumpels. Mit Hilfe eines Zaubers hatte er die Beiden in die 18 Jahre alten Versionen ihrer Mütter verwandelt. Read more

Zod the demon

“Billy I’m just off to take a shower” Billy’s mom said to him poking her head around the door. She noticed Billy (13) sitting on his bedroom floor a bowl consisting of a weird red concoction in front of him. “Ah what are you doing this time?” She asked him making her way into the bedroom making sure to hold tightly to the dressing gown that was concealing her body. “Um it’s just some science experiment from school” Billy lied. Read more