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Temporary to Permanent

It was only meant to be temporary. Just had to be a sister for my own sister for a week. I had to dress up as a girl and act like a girl. The process was so simple , swallow one pill and your manhood is swallowed with it. To be honest I was quite excited when I turned out to be so busty.
It wasn’t easy adjusting. Wearing a dress, walking in heels and keeping my long hair out of my face. I can’t forget about the extra weight I carry on my chest. There is of course sitting to pee which is really something to get used to. My sister helped me with everything which I was hugely grateful for.
To be honest, I was kind of enjoying the experience. I appreciated getting a taste of the other side. I was somewhat disturbed when I began thinking about my desire to stay this way. I didn’t want to go back to flat chests, body hair and external plumbing. I needed my vagina and I loved dresses and make up. I loved the freedom of space downstairs and I revelled in the looks I got walking down the street. The looks no man gets.
I discussed it with my sister. She wants me to remain female too. All I needed to do was swallow a pill to make it permanent. I couldn’t get it down my throat soon enough. It went down as did the chances of my manhood returning. I wasn’t complaining. Being female is better. What was a temporary experience has become my life. A better life.

X-Change – Jim, Now Jenny

My friend was studying for massagist. “Hey, I needed to practice a new technique I am learning. But I need a girl to test it; it is a breast massage technique. So… would you take an X-Change to help me?” he asked to me. I knew he was getting good with his hands, so I took the pill. Then my body changed under my clothes, in the shape of a beautiful lady. Read more

X-Change – WhatsApp Chat Sis Clothes

[[WhatsApp – Group Chat Conversation]] [Me]: 20171115_03.jpg [Me]: So this is me on X-Change. I took it a moment ago. [Rian]: Daamn [Jhon]: Oh you look stunning. Like a real bitch. [Mac]: Nice tits doe [Me]:The top and bra I am wearing are from my sis. I have a lot more clothes to try, but I can’t do it alone. Wanna come over to help me? [Rian]: Im going [Mac]: Sure bro. Tell me your address again.

The Fast-Acting, Temporary, Gender-Swapping Pill!

Can’t wait

The doctor’s looked at each other in confusion. They expected side effects, but nothing like this. When Mitchy came to them to test the experimental drug “X-21” he was just desperate for cash. They told him that this would revert him back to the age of 21 for a week. He was fine with this, who wouldn’t want to be younger for a week. But instead of just changing his age it also changed his gender and accelerate his, now her, sex drive. She couldn’t even wait to get to the bathroom before starting to undress.

My new me

Wow, Blossom, when you suggested a change of sex for pills, I never thought I’d be rewarded so well.
Besides with your strength and vigor, I feel protected, when you insert your dick, I only think of what I can do to make you feel as good as I do. Read more

Hot Dose

Mariah came down stairs and paused the instant she entered the laundry room, seeing a young woman standing there with no shirt on folding clothes. Read more

Cheating and Stealing

When my girlfriend caught me cheating on her I thought we’d be finished. I didn’t really care because she wasn’t any fun in bed. Like any breakup she wanted to know why and I told her the truth. Babe, our sex is like a 3 out of 10, you need to embrace the way your body feels and have fun with it. She started crying and begged me to give her another chance. Little did I know she was buying time to get her revenge. Read more

Truck Stop Gender Swap (Ch. 5)

I need to get a closer look at his cock but first I must get these shorts and panties off! Damn dude, your dick is way bigger than mine was. My mouth is so close to it that all I have to do is part my lips and let it in. No no that’s not going to happen. A thought pops in my head… you are a girl now, it’s ok, it’s acceptable, this is what girls do. Ohhh there’s some precum, just one lick. That doesn’t taste so bad. I got to try giving him a blowjob. This is so wrong but feels so right. I reach down and touch my pussy for the first time. AAAhhhhhh that feels amazing!!!! I’m really liking being a girl. Is this permanent? Will I go back after the pill is flushed from my system?


“What the Fuck Zack! You lost the bet you were supposed to take the gender change pill and suck my cock not my roommates!” yelled Paul
“oops” replied Zack
“Well what are we going to do about this?”
“Honestly I’ve seen your dick and I think it would be best for everyone if you took a pink pill yourself and joined us, you could suck his balls I haven’t gotten there yet.”
Paul blushed as he got excited by the idea then trying to make a show of being reluctant took a pill from the jar on the dresser and joined the fun.