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The machine

I was enraptured, this was so intense, so amazing. I could feel the pleasure rise, my new pussy was so hot like lava and so so wet too. Read more

Collateral Damage pt. 1

Bill rushed out of the bathroom to answer the door. He had heard his phone ring earlier while he was on the shitter, and of course once he got close to finishing up somebody knocked on the door. He opened it to see a gorgeous girl in a necklace and one-piece bathing suit staring at him. Read more

Of all the places I could have ended up at

I was having lunch with my wife, when we felt some kind of energy pass through our bodies. In less than a second, my whole perspective had changed. I was looking through my wife’s eyes back at my former self. “Where am I? what happened?” my former body asked. Having read a lot about the great shift, I realized what had happened, so I pretended not to know what was wrong. “What do you mean honey?” I asked him. “Honey? who are you calling honey?” he asked. “I am Audrey, I am 18 years old… and… why do I sound like a man?” she asked. Read more

Fabricated lie

I woke up feeling different, like my whole life has been a lie. My wife was out of town, staying with my inlaws. Somehow, I felt like she wasn’t really my wife. I know, I had been married for 6+ years, but still, everything seems a fabricated lie. Read more

You are cordially invited

The patrol car came to a halt right outside a large house in the more fashionable area in town.
“I guess it´s here”, Malcolm said with a slightly jaded tone in his voice.
“Guess it is”, Sam agreed. Read more

Little Experiment gone wrong for the girlfriend

So my girlfriend has this weird idea to turn me into a Latina girl like her and share what it feels like and she always wanted to do it with a women as well. Not knowing she invited her friend from work. As she was sucking my tits she tolded me to mounted her friend, i wasnt sure being an all male guy but i did it and OMG the dick in my pussy was like in heaven I was thing like a horny women in heat. I had 3 orgasms and still going. I think she is going to have problem because as of now i am not into her or any women. All i want now is more dick in my pussy.

A great couple

I hated Tom for transforming me. I wanted to kick him in the nuts. I sure didn’t want to be a woman. But as I was about to, he said something that changed my mind. “But you are so beautiful, and I would surely like to date a girl as cute as you” he said. I stopped what I was doing, I tilted my head, I couldn’t believe he had just said that. “Aww… He’s so cute too” I thought. I wanted to kiss him, but I refrained by biting my lips. Read more