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Little Experiment gone wrong for the girlfriend

So my girlfriend has this weird idea to turn me into a Latina girl like her and share what it feels like and she always wanted to do it with a women as well. Not knowing she invited her friend from work. As she was sucking my tits she tolded me to mounted her friend, i wasnt sure being an all male guy but i did it and OMG the dick in my pussy was like in heaven I was thing like a horny women in heat. I had 3 orgasms and still going. I think she is going to have problem because as of now i am not into her or any women. All i want now is more dick in my pussy.

Make some easy cash

So my wife was pist at me because the way i was always checking out girls. she said it time i learn ow it felt to be a object of attention. Next thing i know she turned me into theis really cute girl and as she walk out she told me i will stay like this until i learn respect. So as i sat here i figured may as well sure the net. Then I came up with this great idea. i have this great looking body i may as well put it to good use and show it off and make cash at the same time, at least until she cools down. I was rolling in cash for about 2 weeks, this was a winner. Little did i know that my girlfriend seen me on the web site and flashed me a message. BEING YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR BODY AND WOMEN THEN YOU WILL REMIND ONE, ENJOY YOUR NEW LIVE FOR A SLUT IS ALL YOU WILL BE. ……… Oh well, guess its not to bad i im making a living…lol

Finally I’m a woman

“Yes, I’m finally her… I am Alex”
Ian was absolutely happy after possessing his neighbor Alex using a possession spell he found online on a misterious website. Ian always wanted to be a woman since puberty hit him, he envied all those beautiful girls in his school, now in his 20’s his gaze was fixed in his younger, sexy and hot neighbor Alex who recently moved. He didn’t hesitate in checking and start exploring that body.

The Necklace

Where should i even start… The day was friday, i was going home after a day full of work and when i walked down to a street i saw a necklace lying on the ground. By pure curiosity, i just took it and walked into my home. I went showering, eating and then watching TV but i was very curious why was the necklace lying on the ground by itself, i started to inspect the necklace until i found a little note that says “NOTE : The wearer of this necklace will experience immense pleasure, be wary of usage”, i smirked a bit as i put the necklace on and then it does nothing, i knew it was a fraud until i realized the change was very subtle without me knowing at first, but then as the change get significant, my body is starting to feel like it was on fire and i felt waves of orgasmic feeling through my body. The change started at my feet, my feet went a little smaller and my legs lost all of it’s hair and became smooth as silk, then the change affects my penis as well, it pushed the penis into me until my crotch became flat, i was in panic since my crotch is only flat until it exploded cum everywhere and forming a vagina with it’s lips, i was experiencing an orgasm that i never had before in my life. Then the change started to affect my body and arms, my body became smaller and my arms became more petite and lost all of it’s hairs, my chest swell forming 2 breasts with a hard nipple and as soon as i touched it i was already having an orgasm again, then after that i felt my nails became longer. The change affected my face as well since my lips plumped out pink lips and then my nose became smaller and my eyes became bigger and changes my pigment color into blue, i love how cute my face looks. My voice also changed to a 18 year old girl voice and my hair started to lengthen itself and changing it’s color to blond, i love how my hair looks like gold and how smooth and how perfumed it is. Without doubt i ran into my mirror and see myself, i looked at myself admiring this body and how it looked like an angel’s, then a cloth started to form in my breast forming a bra and then a ring also appeared in my finger. I walked into my bedroom and started to play with myself, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be a girl and how pleasurable it is. i started with my vagina first, I laid back in bed and started exploring my vagina, i started with my lips and words can’t describe the feeling, plus i only started with only the lips. Then i put a finger up in my vagina and it was very orgasmic, and with the cute sexual moan coming out of me i was cumming before I knew it! I brought my hand up to my nose and smelled my juices, mmmm I smell good. I stick my fingers in my mouth to taste myself and I taste as good as I smell. Then i decided to take off the necklace and i turned back into a male again, i said this in my mind “maybe i’ll skip work tommorow to fully explore my body” and i put it back on experiencing all the change once again, i even felt how my crotch exploded cum everywhere and forming a vagina, i love that feeling so much and i giggled. Maybe i’ll keep this forever and enjoy my whole life being a girl forever. Read more

So, how do you feel?

When my boyfriend asked me “so did it work? how do you feel?” I felt confused. “How am I supposed to feel silly?” I asked him. “So, you don’t remember a thing?” he asked. “What’s with all these weird questions? Of course I remember everything. We met 2 months ago, and started dating that very same day” I told him. Read more

Twin Peaks Promotion

I had been working in the dishroom for quite awhile at Twin Peaks. I wasn’t rich, but I made good enough money, and got to watch beautiful girls all day- it was a win win in my book. Read more

Beer curse

Ever heard of Ranma ½?
Me neither if you had asked me a couple of months ago. Ranma½ is an anime that revolves around a guy that turns into a girl if he get cold water on him. My situation is roughly the same but with beer instead. Warm or cold, beer transforms me into a chick. Read more

Absolute Control.

I stared at my assistant, as he… well she I guess, moaned in climax. The Formula was supposed to have given me control over people! Why then, did Winston suddenly change into the insane beauty before me? Read more