“Oh fuck… fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

The rumors had been true… The guy living down the hall from me in apartment 120B had a giant enchanted dick. Anyone who stares at it turns into a cock hungry slut, craving to satisfy his desires. And of course I had to go and satisfy my curiosity by knocking on his door…

He answered naked, and, well here I am… So, that part is true. No, I didn’t look straight at his dick, but he just stared at me with this look on his face like… of course you want to look at it… and just… fuck, who cares, I turned into a woman!

So, of course the other thing is true too. I immediately got down on my knees and started sucking him off, insatiably, right there in the hallway. He had to pull me by my head into his apartment, I literally could not get my mouth off of his cock.

Now, after begging him to fuck me, he’s pounding me in the ass, and I’m fucking loving it. It’s an unbelievable feeling. As we’re laying there, the sound of his thighs slapping against my butt filling the room, he tells me something that wasn’t even part of the rumor I had heard…

“You must have really wanted this. Anybody who comes directly to my door knows that this is strictly a one way trip.”

Yup. Once he fills me with his cum, it won’t be the old me walking out of here… Apparently this has been a sealed deal since his dick touched my lips. He can’t stop until he cums, and I won’t stop until I get his cum. The enchantment will render my physical transformation permanent, and re-wire my brain to believe that I wanted his cock to transform me from the beginning. Oh and apparently the only thing it will take to make me want to fuck, will be to flirt with me.

So, yea, I do feel a little dumb right now… I satisfied my curiosity. The price? Getting gender bent permanently into a dick craving sexpot. He’s been letting out fast, short grunts for the past few minutes, so I bet he’s close to finishing… I suppose I’d better enjoy my last few minutes with the knowledge that I used to be a guy, before I become a total slut forever…


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