Body hop on the hike

it was a Saturday afternoon where all this happened, I learned about my past which is the ability to hop into other people’s bodies when I was visiting my dad in the hospital. I was on break from college because the semester was over and I needed to spend time with my dad because some ass decided to drive drunk. This was a severe hit because he couldn’t move and needed assistance until we decided to have a talk. Read more


Oh my god this is me. Round breasts, long hair, feminine curves, vagina. I’m a girl. For some reason I’m not alarmed, I feel a sort of homecoming. I’m not scared of sitting to pee, learning make up or relations with men. I’m excited and ready to converge on a brand new horizon.

Go Fuck Yourself

Fuck off Jack

When Jack was told to “go fuck himself” by his now ex-girlfriend, he didn’t think it meant that it meant his dick would fall off and transform into a dildo. Read more

Cock Shocked

Shocked At Big Dick

Jack and his friend were on a road trip, and unbeknownst to them, the Great Shift was only a minute away.  The Shift only had about a 1 in 10 chance of affecting people, so they wouldn’t have had much reason to worry either way.  Luckily for Jack’s friend, Ari, he hadn’t been affected by the shift.  Jack, however, was not so lucky. Read more

Modelagentur ( German )

Als Jasmin mit einem Zauber heute Morgen unsere Körper tauschte war ich ziemlich geschockt. Wie konnte so etwas nur möglich sein. Es dauerte eine ganze Weile bis ich wieder klar denken konnte. Ich Mike war in Jasmins Körper. Und Jasmin in meinem. Aber warum? Ich musste Jasmin unbedingt fragen. Read more

Ladies in Waiting

Jake and Clayton had never been big fans of the idea of actually having to work for a living. Yes, they were aware that millions upon millions of other people successfully pulled off the 9-5 grind week in and week out, but, well……they just weren’t interested. It wouldn’t be quite fair to say they were lazy—-when something actually interested them, they were willing to put quite a lot of work into it—-and that’s how they found the fountain. Read more

Perfect Hostess

Jason was just a “little” bit of an jerk. He had a serious attitude problem—-a chip on his shoulder, you could say—-and he took it out on everyone around him, including his parents. Finally, his mother had had enough. Read more

Something in the Wine

Emmett knew they shouldn’t have gone to that sketchy liquor store. In retrospect, not asking for ID should have been a huge red flag, but they’d been too busy celebrating their good fortune to notice. Read more

Long Arm of the Law

Danny and Jordan were punks. They stole, vandalized, committed petty crimes, and generally acted like a two man crime wave, yet they were smart enough never to leave behind any conclusive evidence and therefore got away with everything they pulled. With Halloween coming up everybody was dreading what they’d pull next—-and then they egged the police captain’s house. Read more

Show Me

Matt had been drunk. That hadn’t been supposed to be an excuse, or a justification for his behavior, but facts were facts, and after downing god knows how many cups throughout the night he hadn’t known what planet he was on, much less was capable of controlling his impulses. So when a stunningly attractive co-ed slid by him in the crowd at the party, he acted…..well….rather vulgarly, yelling “show me your tits!” Read more