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See that snowflake on my chest? well, that is the source of my powers. It is usually not visible, but whenever I use my abilities, it glows and becomes visible for a few seconds. Read more

Sitting on the beach

If you ever make the trip to TG Island don’t be surprised to find dozens of nude women on the nudist beach which is located on the west side.
Here we have Norman. Norman was given a ticket to TG island from his coworkers. Since his arrival he had transformed and now likes to be called Neroli. Neroli had spent the majority of her time on the nudist beach. However, she will not come off her towel. She is afraid of getting sand in her new pussy. But eventually her holiday will end and she will regret never moving of the towel or moving away from the island. After all, Norman’s life is pretty plain.

Shapeshifting curse – something different (part 3)

After taking a shower I got dressed and went downstairs. “James, I have to try something… I want to turn to my former maleself for a couple of hours… you don’t mind… don’t you?” I don’t know why, but I felt the need for his approval. “I knew it wouldn’t last long anyways. So anything you want” he said and then kissed me. I felt even more attracted to him, but anyways, I concentrated, and in no time I was back to being a man. Read more

Shapeshifting curse short sequel (part 2)

After having sex with my boyfriend James I decided to take a shower. I know I know, he is not really my boyfriend, but I still fell like Amy. I even have her sense of humor. When I entered the bathroom, I realized there was no towel, “Honey! bring me a towel. pleeeeaase” I asked James. “Sure just a minute” he said. While looking at myself in the mirror I said “I wonder how I would look with dark hair”. After some concentration my shapeshifting abilities kicked in and changed my hair colour. “I look even more cute” I giggled. Read more

It runs in the family

I can’t believe it has already been a year. Let me explain, one year ago, exactly one day before my 18th birthday my father had a little talk with me. “There is something you should know” he told me. “All the men in our family have gone… through some changes when they turn 18 years old”… “changes? like what?” I asked. “Well, it’s different every time, you uncle Howard became quite intelligent, his IQ was raised in just one night. Your grandfather became able to predict the future. I am able to control certain people’s minds. There are plenty of examples, who knows what your gift will be”. I didn’t believe him, I thought he was playing some kind of joke on me. Read more