Wish on a Whim

Drunk and crazy one night looking up porn with red heads, Terrence passingly wished he was a slutty red head himself, curious how it was on their side. He was stunned and soon very sober, as he was on his knees feeling different, while a man emptied his cum with his huge dick into Terrence’s mouth! He was a she and she got her first taste of cum right from the start.

Terrence was confused and shocked, wondering how this happened and what to do next. As he gazed over at a mirror with that strange taste in his mouth, he realized he was a sexy red headed slut. A slut who just had some random man unload in her mouth! He realized he got himself there with that wish, but he was drunk and crazy at the time too. Now he or rather she wonders if this was a good thing or not as she tastes this man’s seed in her sexy new mouth.

She was sore all over, even in her new pussy, and sticky in places too, perhaps this wasn’t the first man this woman he became had been with?

“Teresa, you’re the best red head slut porn star ever, you made me and my four friends happy men, and you look like a happy woman too, getting love from all five of us,” said the man smiling.

“Did you just say, like, five fucking guys? Oh my gawd, like, that is so gross,” she said wondering why she was talking like a valley girl before throwing up on the guy’s feet.

“And you’re, LIKE, cleaning this up, you stupid little red head twat, we’re suddenly gross? What are you a fucking dike now? You better be ready for us tomorrow, I’m bring some extra friends,” said the man slapping her across her freckled face for barfing on his feet.

Tears rolled down the new red heads face as she realized this might be her fate, after trying to whisper a wish to change back many times to herself, after being slapped by this chauvinist pig.

“Oh yea, I wish you were a mistreated whore in Bangkok,” said the new Teresa retaliating.

The guy disappeared, apparently this wish worked, but not her changing back. The guy appeared as a curvy, ultra busty 34M blonde in Bangkok, getting slapped and banged by lots of cock. He got what was coming to him, but as for Teresa, apparently so did she. Later she would learn to embrace her new body and life, however, realizing that to her being a red head was actually better than watching one on pornos or being with one.


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