He’s almost finished. You can feel it… His cock tightening in your pussy… Pulling your head and bending you all the way back, so that your face meets his, he kisses you. That’s how you know that it’s basically a done deal.

You and your neighbor had been on an x-change fling for weeks now; both you and her swapping into the opposite sex and fucking for hours, before pulling out and letting the effects wear off… But tonight was special.

It was early in the night, you two had been going at it for almost an hour, when he pulled your face close to his and told you his true feelings…

“Ahhah, you’re an amazing fuck… You… you would make such a good girlfriend… I’ll treat you like a princess, take care of you and get you anything you want… If I cum inside you, the x-change… it won’t wear off, you’ll be stuck like this… Just think about it, and if you’re ready, say the words and I’ll make you mine…”

The night went on, and through all the sweaty sex, his request barely hung in the back of your mind… Right up until that special moment… Your hair wrapped tightly in his hand, holding your head up as he fucks you doggy style… His breaths growing short and deep, his pumps into your pussy just the same, and he pulled out like he always did…

You really only thought about it for that second; thinking about anything seriously while having mind-blowing sex is all but impossible.

“Nnngh oh god… Put it back in!”

Was it long enough to think about it? Were you almost about to turn it down? It doesn’t matter anymore; you said the words, and now it’s going to happen. You smile as he enters you again. Taking you by your neck, he pulls on your hair bends you all the way back, so that your face meets his, and kisses you as his throbbing sex pounds you again. Thrusting harder now, he holds your neck, keeping you arched to the optimal angle for a finish deep inside your pussy.

You used to wish your other flings would end in relationships, but you never imagined that you’d be on the other side of the fence… You’re going to be such a good girlfriend…


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