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Golden Chalice or Golden Blonde?

When Darren broke into the temple in one of his expeditions, he found a strange golden chalice. When he touched it, it spoke, saying he could keep the Chalice for gold riches, or leave it, and be rewarded with another kind of gold riches. Darren decided he would leave it, as he feared taking it might lead to a trap. After all nothing bad happened all those thousands of years it was buried in the ancient tomb. Leaving it there might be best, especially since it spoke to him! Read more

I would if I could

A few minutes ago after I picked up my daughter from school, I started yelling at my daughter, telling her that I didn’t like her attitude, nor her behavior. Her grades were starting to fail, because she was hanging out with the wrong crowd. I know she’s a good girl, but hanging out with the wrong people will ultimately be bad for her. Read more

Potion Mix

“You are not going out like that” Tom told her daughter. It wasn’t easy being a single father to a 23 year old daughter. Specially one that is so promiscuous as her. “I am going and there is nothing you can do about it” Emily said and left. Read more

You Need A Mother

“What did you do this for?” Questioned Alex (left).
“I did it for you. You’re mother died and you need a mother” explained the woman on the right.
“But I need a father”
“No you don’t you need a mother. You’re a growing girl. You need a mother to help you”
“But wouldn’t you want to be a man” said Alex.
“Believe me, being female is better. Being a man is stupendously overrated. Just look at my chest.”
“I see,” said the daughter “do you have any clothes?”
“Only the ones I have on” explained the mother.
“We better get shopping then”
“I’d love that” smiled the mother.
The pair went shopping and became one of the sexiest mother and daughter combinations on the planet. They both couldn’t possibly be happier

Let Me Be Your Daughter For A Little While

“Oh, come on Mum can’t we go home now?”
“Why, Christine darling we are having a beautifully extravagant time?” Explained Rhonda (left).
“I’m Christian Mum and a boy remember” argued Christine/Christian (right).
“Not at the moment you’re not. You’re my beautiful little girl, boobs and vagina and all” smiled Rhonda.
“But it’s so strange walking in public as a girl especially in these tight pants. I look like a slut”
“How can it be strange? I’ve done it all my life. And those pants don’t make you look slutty, you are wearing them for comfort and plus they make your booty look great” persisted Rhonda.
“When do I change back to a boy?” Quizzed Christine/Christian.
“Christine, my dear, why would you change back? As a woman people pay attention to you. Especially when you look as sexy as you do. Plus, don’t you love having no junk in between your legs so you can where clothes like this and don’t have to be concerned about squashing things” debated Rhonda.
“I have found it a bit more comfortable” she admitted.
“I’m not surprised with a magnificent ass like yours when you sit it would be like a cushion. A plump juicy sexy cushion” Rhonda was beginning to win her son over to remaining as her daughter.
“And it is fun having boobs. That’s for sure” laughed Christine/Christian.
“Well Christian, do you want to stay like this for a little while longer just to try it out?”
“Mum, don’t be so silly, call me Christine. Let me be your daughter for a little while.”

Ich hoffe es gefällt dir

“Na mein Schatz” sagte Dominik`s Mutter Anja zu ihm. “Ich hoffe es gefällt dir. Ich weiß, das du gerne die Unterwäsche deiner Stiefschwester Sarah (16) anziehst. Nun, das kannst du jetzt immer machen, ihr habt jetzt nämlich die gleiche Größe. Und du wolltest ja auch immer Abends länger wach bleiben. Das darfst du jetzt auch. Ab jetzt bist du nicht mehr mein 7 Jahre alter Sohn Dominik, sondern meine 17 Jahre alte Tochter Donna. Nun guck doch nicht so verängstigt. Du wirst dich schon daran gewöhnen. Und nun ab mit dir nach oben. Sarah wollte mit dir eine Pyjamaparty machen.”

New Step Daughter

This is a big day for you Jennifer, going outside for a swim. Don’t worry we’ll get you a bikini as soon as the scars heal. You’re going to love the feel of water on your new pussy and how your boobs will bob around. Though they won’t float as freely as natural breast tissue you can still have some fun and they’ll stay perky for a long time. Read more


Clive grabbed his hair and looked directly at his mother. He felt ridiculous wearing this striped top and short shorts on top of everything else. Read more