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Model’s mansion

Mike always wanted his older cousin Amber to take him to one of the parties at the model’s mansion. Amber was a model and those parties were full of hot girls. As much as Amber wanted to take him it was strictly forbidden for anyone beside the models and some journalists to attend. One day Amber got an idea how to get her cousin inside. They will simply switch places. Using magic medalion they can swap bodies and Mike will go there in her body. Mike wasn’t sure if he wants to be his cousin but the idea was tempting. Read more

Mama’s Boy

“Okay Billy, I’m sorry for calling you a mama’s boy. You’re actually… (sigh) …super cool. Now you promise that you’ll change me back into your cousin Donny if I let you suck on my tits, right?… What do you mean ‘maybe’?!”

Trick question

So, one day my wife and I were just talking about our past. The people we used to date, and why we broke up. She knew that before I dated her, I used to date her cousin Amy. “so why did you break up with her?” she asked me. “The truth? well, I didn’t break up with her, one day out of the blue, she just broke up with me, she didn’t even say why” I answered. Read more

Dancing freely

Michael tried hard to get his new ass inside Sandra’s tight jeans. His ass, breasts and hair were bouncing around, as he pulled up the jeans over his female butt with pure force.
He was looking forward to go clubbing that night and to dance as he pleased. Michael always felt so wrong and misplaced in a club, as he wanted to dance freely with his hips chaking to the beat. Unfortunately with the way he moved everyone thought he was gay, which he probably was, but he wanted to dance that way and not being judged.
For this time, he borrowed his cousin Sandra’s body to move as freely as he wanted to. Needless to say he didn’t ask her, as he planned to have unrestrained sex in her body too.
If only he could get that jeans over his sexy bubble butt…