Sorority Revenge (PT3)

I had luckily stashed a bunch of the different spells and products that Bella had sold me in Roger’s …Regina’s…bathroom. She had been so sympathetic when I explained the sexual harassment problems my Sorority TIT had faced from FAP. I was thankful that our Sorority was good with the idea as well.

Changing Andy had been a fun start- little did he know that his costume would lead to such permanent changes- and Andi already seemed like so much more fun. Showing up in Roger’s room this morning and finding him changed into Regina felt wonderful to me- he had been a horrible cheater of a boyfriend, and now I had gotten to watch one of his best friends fuck him. That was quality revenge. But now came the next step in the plan with Harry.

Bella had provided me with a set of black thigh high nylons, and explained that I should use them once I had infiltrated the house. Whoever wore them would turn into a sex crazed vixen, who would help allure more of the fraternity brothers into my trap. I felt a little bad, out of all the fraternity brothers, Harry had always been one of the nicer ones. Though it was too late now, he knew my plan, and I would have to change him to keep things in motion. So I grabbed the nylons and headed back out to Harry frozen in place.

“Rose, please don’t do this to me, I promise I won’t tell anyone if you just let me go.” he pleaded.
“I’m truly sorry Harry. I enjoyed getting revenge on Regina here, but I actually think you are a fairly nice guy. But the sorority president has put this plan in motion, and I am allowed no exceptions. If it’s any consolation you’ll be getting fucked soon” I told him with a laugh.
He was luckily only in his boxers from his fuck with Regina, so it was quite easy to slide the nylons up his legs. After they were on, I stepped back to admire the change.

The other changes had been quite different than this one- with the nylons, it seemed like the change was slowly traveling up Harry’s body. I watched as his legs lost their hair, his feet shrank, and his ass and hips began to grow. It was a bit odd to watch the boxers turn into black panties with a garter, and even odder since his dick was still there.
“Please Rose, stop it, I’ll do anything, I like my dick!” Harry Pleaded with me. I gave him power back to move his head, and had him stand up, so he could watch the changes and I could get a better view. Regina just stared from the bed.

His hips and ass finally stopped growing, leaving the lower half of his body with legs that any model would die for. I watched with a smirk on my face as the bulge in the panties shrank. “Welcome to womanhood Harriet, I think your going to enjoy it.”

“No I’m Harry, whatever magic you have can surely be reversed. I’m not fully a woman yet from the waist up, Please Rose, don’t do this to me.”

Inch by inch I watched as hair fell off his upper body, all the way to his face. Then his torso began to show signs of killer curves.Out of nowhere a black bra appeared, and blonde hair began to grow from his head.

“Ooo your going to be a blonde Harriet, they say Blondes have more fun! I’m sure the boys will love you” I joked. “Here, I’ll cancel the spell restricting your movement so you can enjoy this more.”

“Shut up Rose, I’m not going to be doing anything with guys. Sure you can change how I look but you can’t change me…and I have to take this stupid thing off” Harry said as he tried to reach around to the back of the bra. But within seconds, the front of the bra was filled with Harriets gorgeous new breasts.

“I must fight this” Harriet said in a new and more feminine voice. “this isn’t me. I’m Harry, a straight man.”

I just laughed as his face reconfigured and his beautiful blonde hair cascaded onto his new boobs.

“It’s really no fair Harriet, I wish I looked as good as you!” I told her.

“For the last time it’s Harry! Rose I will make you….” and she paused abruptly.

“What was I saying Rose?” she asked in a very polite tone.
“You were talking about the fraternity brothers you wanted to have sex with” I told her.
“Duh. Well now that I’m in this gorgeous lingerie, I’m going to go see who I can find.”

I watched as Harriet walked out of the room with a very sensual strut.

Regina piped up “Well thats no fair that she ended up so pretty”
I laughed- clearly the spell was making progress on changing Regina’s mind.

I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Bella and Amy, our sorority president. “We are in, the mission has begun.”


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