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my best friend and I both got transferred to a new private school. the reasoning was because he and I were huge troublemakers, everywhere we went there would be something new, and our parents were fed up.
They decided to send us to a so-called reforming school.
But still this didn’t change anything, we had been sent to these types of places and we didn’t plan on changing anything.
The first day was like any other, we behaved doing nothing wrong and generally being good students, we would keep it up for a while maybe giving people some false hope that we had changed, but that was what we wanted, we loved false hope and lies, it made us feel powerful.
That first day was strange in three ways.
One, as far as we could tell me and him were the only boys in the entire school, we actually thought that it was a mistake because we were sent to a woman’s only school. But we were assured that we had the right place.
the only other man was the principle. Read more

Test subject

The future started with the creation of the nanobot, the ultimate technology, able to do nearly anything, and like any new technology it took a while for society to accept it, but once they did the addiction started. it used to be only the rich who had access due to it being absurdly expensive, but who wouldn’t pay for absolute control over your body.
But after the company that was holding a monopoly of the market BioBots started to produce less expensive bots the public got their hands on it.
and that put the public into the controlling hands of BioBots. the CEO Sam Poice
is known for using his family as the first test subjects of nanobots (which killed them) and when they found out he simply threatened to take away all bots, and the shut public up. Read more

Another’s Skin

The second I laid eyes on Kayla I knew I wanted her. Not only in the traditional way a man wants a woman, for I longed for more than to lay with her, I wanted to be her. She always dressed feminine, accentuating her petite body with tight skirts, dresses, and all manner of revealing garments. On our first day of classes together I took a shining to her, and she too seemed to like me. I think she enjoyed that I didn’t hit on her like every other guy, we just talked about whatever was on our minds, distracting ourselves from this trivial class we shared.
One day we were having a conversation about former lovers when she asked me “James, why is it you’ve never made a pass at me? Not in a narcissistic way, but I mean, you aren’t gay, so what gives? I’ve seen you eyeing me, and other girls, but you never, you know, make a move.”
Her directness threw me for a moment. “It’s complicated…. When I look at you, it isn’t lust exactly… it’s more… envy I suppose.” This shocked her for a half-beat, before that cute smile returned to her face.
“Envy? For real? Like, in what way?” Her devilish grin revealed her, she was flattered.
“Well, you’re very feminine, and you aren’t shy about how sexy you are. I’ve just always been curious about being the fairer sex.” I responded blushing slightly at my admission.
“Hmmmm,” she sang lightly. “I can understand that, the grass is greener and all that.”
For the rest of class that day, Kayla hardly spoke, but rather stared blankly at the front of the room, lost in thought I suppose. Read more

Wife (awruk88)

Martin awoke to shock. A woman, on a beach. He was no longer a man on his couch. That was an absolute certainty. Then it began flooding back to him. His friend, or former friend made Martin female. A beautiful girl with a slim yet not featureless body and blonde hair. Mia. Martin was hypnotised to be Mia, the girlfriend of his friend.
Martin was furious and the memories kept flooding back. His friends extravagant dinners with Mia which often followed a passionate session in a hotel room. Martin recalled the way that himself as a woman was an expert of walking in heels and wearing make up despite never having any experience before. Then he remembered the marriage.
This was not any day at the beach. It was Mia’s honeymoon following her wedding. Her beautiful wedding were she wore the most elegant white dress. She was so pretty. It disgusted Martin.
However, there was no way out. Martin was Mia, he would never be a male again. He was a woman and the wife of his friend, her husband. It’s time to move on and live the life as the wife of his friend.

The Company Store

“Mr. Talbot?” I asked politely.
“Yes, Veronica?” he responded.
“I’ve been working here for about 6 months now, and I was wondering where my debt stands now. Uh, sir?” I said, trying to be polite and deferential as the large suited man looked down at me. Read more

Cosplaying as a Cosplayer

Phillip was a senior in high school. He made good money at his job, and was making payments on a car too. With a long weekend coming up, he was making plans to go to E3 with some friends. While looking at videos and chatrooms online talking about what the upcoming E3 would feature, he stumbled upon a group of geeks talking about what cosplayers would be there. He started loading the chatroom with his opinions of cosplayers, and basically judging these nerds as he knew there would be little consequence. He continued picking on the kids until he got a peculiar text on his phone:
“Alright you think very little of cosplayers so I doubt you’ve ever given it a real shot. We all enjoy dressing as our favorite game and anime characters so since E3 starts tomorrow, I’m going to give you a front row seat to cosplaying. Enjoy, and I’ll see you there!”
Phillip got off the chatroom after this, he didn’t like the fact these internet dweebs had somehow gotten his phone number. He started playing video games to get his mind off it, and by the time he went to bed it was practically forgotten. Read more

Rookie Mistake

“That can’t seriously be Matt can it?”
“Yep, he ran into Jessica last night at the bar”
“Your ex-girlfriend the witch?”
“He might have called her a slut”
“Ah, well that explains it”
Jessica wasn’t in the mood for dealing with Matt’s shit last night. It might have been a bit harsh to turn him into a curvy blonde slut but at least he’d learn a lesson. He’d wake up back in control of his body in the morning, although he’d remember everything from last night. Even the hour he’d spent with the college quarterback.
Over the next few weeks Maddy struggled to adapt to her new curvaceous figure, especially her huge new ass. It wouldn’t get any easier either because Maddy’s one night without control of herself had resulted in her getting pregnant. One thing was for sure, he’d made a rookie mistake that night at the bar.


See the symbol I’m making with my hands. You’re thinking peace. I mean V. V for vagina. V for the flat crotch that signifies a female. V for the vagina that is the reason that I am currently sitting to pee and not standing. However, it wasn’t always like this.
I was a man. That’s right, a man. I had a D. D for dick. Then, it happened. My sister found an app and thought it would be fun to make me female for a little while. I was so furious but I had no choice. The app destroyed everything male about me. Clothes, possessions and of course my body. I had more make up then what I knew what to do with. She made me embrace being a chick. I had to wear female clothes, I had to have long hair, I had to have make up. It was so hard learning. However, I knew she would never change me back unless I at least tried.
It wasn’t easy. Everything was so different. I almost wasn’t sure I was still human. Despite overly frustrating sitting to urinate was strange. I really got sick of that cold toilet seat and I feared public toilets like a child fears monsters. Long hair was always in the way and men won’t stop looking at you. The thought I was one of them disgusts me.
I kept on pushing. Adjusting and adjusting and adjusting. Trying to make it normal. Trying to gain the respect essential to making me a man again. However, I began to gain interests. Interests that frightened me. The mandatory shopping trips with my sister which were initially completely and utterly despised became bearable. Very bearable in fact. I was thinking about which skirt looked best and which boots suited me. I was beginning to like shopping for women’s stuff.
My sister kept on mentioning the pros of being a woman. I was constantly reminded of the space downstairs. She obsessed with reminding me of the incredibly blissful orgasms only having a vagina can cause. Not to mention the soft sexy ass cushion only females have and the tits.
It made me think. I’d never crossed my legs as a man. Never. It was just to uncomfortable. When you’re packing all that down there it’s just not practical. Now, as a woman, I subconsciously crossed my legs. One day my sister even put stuff in my panties to simulate having male genitalia again. The stuff was probably only the third of the size of what I had before but it taught me. I hated that day. I couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t cross my legs or sit comfortably. I’d became used to being a woman and I’d liked it.
The app was quite advanced. One day she got rid of my feminine ass and gave me a flat masculine one much like the one I’d previously had. Everything else remained female. I hated it. I sorely missed the feeling of my ass swinging, squishing, squeezing and rolling as I walked in tight jeans. Not to mention, how uncomfortable it was to sit without the padding. She was about to take my breasts but I told her no. I couldn’t say goodbye to having tits, especially if I wasn’t getting my dick back in return.
However, I began to think I didn’t want my dick back. Having a vagina was pretty cool. Then she mentioned the lack of smooth skin. I thought about it and she was right. I loved my smooth hairless skin that encased the entirety of my sexy body.
Then the day came. My sister and I had a long discussion. We covered the pros and cons of being female. I told her after lengthy discourse that I wanted to stay a woman. She tried to ensure that I was sure sighting reasons like lack of strength and having to sit to pee but I told her no. I like those things because that’s what makes me who I am. Who I want to be.
So, I’m a woman. It’s permanently. I kept my V. V is for vagina and I have one. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I can’t thank my sister enough. I simply can’t put it into words. I feel bad for being so upset early on when really she was doing me a favour. She allowed me to be a proud member of the better sex. The sex that has vaginas. The sex that wears skirts. The sex that have long hair. The sex that have breasts. The sex that sit to pee. The sex that includes me.

Pop A Squat

This is the first time I’ve considered. In the slightest. I’ve never looked back since the great shift. Never. Being a woman has been my new identity and the way I want to live. However, this is tough. Stuck where there’s no bathroom and desperate to pee. Like I’ve been ok with urinating when there’s an actual bathroom with sitting down and all but this is a completely different cattle of fish. Having to pop a squat isn’t ideal. I almost wish my dick was back. I could just stand flop it out and go but hey. I’ve loved every other part of womanhood. Plus, I feel kind of sexy squatting behind a tree like this.

The One That Got Away

I was out on my launch fishing, when felt on strong tug on the line, as I started reeling the line in the line yanked back and almost pulled me off the back of the boat. But I stubbornly tried reeling it in again, but instead of yanking again there was a surge in the water and I could see a massive silhouette speeding towards the boat, and a Mermaid leaped out of the water hanging on to the railing.
“How dare you hide vicious hooks inside tasty fish!” She shouted and threw my fishing hook back at me.
“This sea is mine, all these are all my fish!” She said as she snatched the bucket with today’s catch in it.
Her eyes glowed green and with a deeper voice she spoke “I curse you, you shall never catch a fish again, instead you shall become the catch and a very easy catch at that.” Her eyes glowed brighter and I suddenly seemed to be getting shorter and the fishing rod grew larger in my hands. I looked down at my now childlike hands and two mounds suddenly sprouted in my shirt. My shirt and trousers then shrunk into a skimpy bikini revealing a slender but shapely figure. She cackled at my gasps as I touched my soft sensitive skin then she slipped back into the ocean. Read more