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Sorority Fun

So I haven’t written any captions in a while and I figured I would write about a fantasy of mine. Read more

Caught spying

It was time to teach these new girls how to behave like ones. “You wanted to spy on us?, well… Welcome to the sorority!” I yelled at the blonde girl’s ear. Inside myself I was laughing, remembering how the same thing had happened to me years ago. “Yeah!”, Amy yelled, “lets see how much you enjoy guys looking at you while you are naked”. After making fun of them and taking some pictures, we handed them some clothes, some thight and trashy clothes. “If you want to break the spell, if you want to go back to your formerselfs, you must have sex with a guy in the next 24 hours” I told them. Read more

Taken Advantage Of No More

The five chicks by the pool knew they were being taken advantage of, the frat boys on spring break demanded their affections to save their sorority house. The boys had blackmailed the girls into some naughty acts poolside in exchange for them not turning them into the college for all the sorority house violations. Read more

All Deals Come With Unintended Consequences

She gets college credit, I get a bump into upper management. My firm required “Diversity Certification” to make Partner; a new credential that says one lived as an ‘underrepresented’ group for 12 months. Being your average white male, the only way for me to get that little piece of paper would be to switch lives with someone else. Initially quite hesitant, my wife soon threw away her reluctance after she saw the salary of Partner at my firm. Read more

Sorority Revenge 8/10

After we fucked the 4 new women, I was quick to take off my ring. Being a man was entertaining, but I loved being a woman- I had a gorgeous body as Rose. I thought it was sort of odd that Amy didn’t take hers off right away. And after going at it with the orgy, she…he…proceeded to fuck Regina and Harriet as well. I laughed it off as a bit of revenge. But when I woke up the next morning and Amy was still a man, and was fucking Harriet again, I started getting a bit worried. Read more

Girl’s dormitory

David and his sister Gina attended a private boarding school. Each day after dinner, they walked toward the dormitory buildings and then had to turn and go separate ways: she to her dorm, and he to his. Read more

Sorority Revenge 9/10

I didn’t want to tell Rose, but I was loving being a guy. Something about it just clicked for me, and wow do I love fucking women. Sure, sex as a woman was great, but I am loving the feeling of dominating these men turned women. I called up Bella to see about making this spell permanent, and she agreed- but to do that I had to finish one of our last tasks-revenge on the President of FAP Fraternity-Jonathon. He was the one that started this all- he had tried to drug my drink, and he was the one who encouraged the debauchery at FAP. Read more

Sorority Revenge Pt 6 (of 10)

I had grown up reading gender transformation fiction online, but when I went off to college I had insisted that I was going to man up. Thats why I had joined FAP Fraternity- the manliest fraternity on campus. It had been mostly successful. I was down to viewing TG captions only once a week now. Read more

Sorority Revenge (PT 2)

Roger and I have been friends since we pledged FAP together. So when I realized I was short on cash this week and needed a few bucks to buy some groceries, I figured I could ask him. So I headed to his room at the Frat House to ask him. Read more

Sorority Revenge (Pt1 of a new series)

I loved being a part of Phi Alpha Pi (or FAP as we jokingly called ourselves), my 3 years in the Fraternity had been very enjoyable. This year, I was assigned Andrew as a pledge to help guide through. He was nice enough, and we got along, so I can’t complain much. For one of this years hazing rituals we were assigned a weird one- to embarrass our pledges they had to show up at a party dressed as women. Whatever, Andrew and I would knock this one out of the park. Read more