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Gossip Girl Costume

My girlfriend, Sarah was a die hard Gossip girl fan. I don’t know why, I thought the show was so ridiculous. But for some reason I agreed that this year we could do a Gossip Girl costume. She loved Blake Lively’s character, but Sarah was shorter and brunette, so she decided to be the other lead. Leighton was the actresses name I think. She had tasked me with figuring out who I wanted to be and putting my costume together. I figured a simple suit would cover the bases. Read more

The Fap Curse

I’m a 21 year old guy, I masturbate. A lot. Why wouldn’t I?
But there I was browsing reddit for pictures of hot women. I clicked on a link that said “Best pic ever” and it was just a picture of some guys dick. The heck…thats not what I want. But as I looked at other pictures, that cock just kept being an image in my mind. So I went back to the picture and I finished off….it was weird…I’m definetly not gay. But it turned me on. Oh well, tomorrow it would be back to the boobs for me. Read more


Warning: Bella’s Magical Boutique cannot be held liable for misuse of any costumes. Read more

Rival no longer

My name’s Mark, or I supposeI should say it was. I was one of the best Piano players in the whole city of Milwaukee. My only real rival was Barney, who liked to get very competitive with me. We often played up our rivalry to get a little extra press for ourselves. Read more

A new relationship

Chris was my best friend growing up, but when I told him I was a transgender woman, he-like many friends, disappeared from my life. But I was set on finding my happiness. Read more


I didn’t understand why my daughter was always using that Snap Chat thingy on her phone. It was always selfies and mirror shots. I gave her a hard time about it quite often. But thats what Dads and Daughters do- bother each other. Read more

Learning Our Place

You see, I wouldn’t say that my friend James and I were very bigoted. I had friends of many different types growing up. But when Jim and I were off at college, I finally let my big mouth get me in trouble. Read more

Fitting in at Work

It was just a typical day at Twin Peaks restaurant for me, where I had been a dishwasher, and a variety of other backroom positions, for 5 years. I knew all the girls that worked there very well- I felt like part of the restaurant family and they all seemed to be very friendly with me. Read more