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19 days since I’ve lost control.
it started when I wanted to be a girl that simple I never liked my male self and I wanted to be a woman, so I went to someone claiming to be a witch and asked her to turn me into a sexy female who would be the fantasy of every guy, and to my surprise, she agreed. and within a snap of her fingers and a flash of white, I looked down and saw a female body. Read more

It Worked

Yes! It worked. Look at me, I’m a girl. Vagina, breasts, soft skin. They were right. This beach does change you it’s magical. I’m a girl. Yes. It worked.

Better Side

Now come on, I’m serious. I will make you a woman. You will have boobs, you will wear dresses and high heels, make up will be a necessity. I’m serious. You will be a woman.
Don’t worry, scrap the negativity. You’ll be fine. I was a man too. I was a tall and well built machine. My was closely cropped and I even had a beard. I had a penis but then everything changed. A freakish event altered my reality. I was a woman who could transform other men into woman, I could even give them all new clothes and make up.
Now you stand in front of me as a man. A man to soon to be a woman quit complaining. There is no escaping believe me you will be happier. Stop ranting about sitting to pee it’s not that bad and believe me you want a vagina even if it means popping a squat. I’ve tried both sides and I know which is better. Come on, join my side, the female side, the better side.

Double Standard

Tony, Ben and Connor had run into the same problem which had confronted many guys before them—-they needed fake IDs to get into the bar, and their’s…..weren’t up to the task. To make things much more annoying, many of their female classmates didn’t even get carded at the local bars. It was a double standard, and one which had them stumped. Read more

Something in the Wine

Emmett knew they shouldn’t have gone to that sketchy liquor store. In retrospect, not asking for ID should have been a huge red flag, but they’d been too busy celebrating their good fortune to notice. Read more

Long Arm of the Law

Danny and Jordan were punks. They stole, vandalized, committed petty crimes, and generally acted like a two man crime wave, yet they were smart enough never to leave behind any conclusive evidence and therefore got away with everything they pulled. With Halloween coming up everybody was dreading what they’d pull next—-and then they egged the police captain’s house. Read more

Easy Money

“Erm.” I grunted as Amy thrusted hard into me. “So, like, I get the general concept. People will pay more to see two girls fucking.” Read more


“Oh, come on already,” Alex said whining, rubbing his sore pussy and squeezing one of his large breasts. “I’ve climaxed… mmm… a dozen times and I still haven’t changed back.” Read more