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I Think I Messed Up

My girlfriend kept disappearing. Not for too long, one or two days at the most, but I was concerned. She claimed she was going to the beach for a “girls’ day” but I was honestly starting to get a little paranoid. I resolved to find out for myself the next time she vanished—-and I had the means to do so. After all, I had an honest to god magic book. Sure, lots of it were in Latin, and I’d only sorta paid attention in that class in college, but hey, everything had worked just fine before. Read more

Staying Out of Trouble

It was all part of the deal my parents had made with me. “Stay out of trouble while we’re away at our conference for the week” they’d told me. Thing was, last time they’d left, I’d thrown a gigantic party—-not that they knew about it, of course, but the liquor cabinet had been quite depleted. And I had no intention of changing things up; grinning, I headed downstairs to take stock. Read more

Perfect Hostess

Jason was just a “little” bit of an jerk. He had a serious attitude problem—-a chip on his shoulder, you could say—-and he took it out on everyone around him, including his parents. Finally, his mother had had enough. Read more


Martin was really mad that he gave into temptation of using magic. He was mad that he ended up in this place full of sinners but mostly he was mad at himself that he is really starting to enjoy it. Not so long ago Martin was a very religious person. He was going to chruch every day, praising the lord and his will. Martin was on a good way to become a priest in the future but that changed with the cursed book he found in the library. Martin knew that everything involving magic is a sin but he took the book to study it closer. While reading it he stumbled upon a gender changing spell. Martin still doesn’t know what got into him but he read the spell outloud. A gust of wind ran through his room and suddenly Martin turned into a woman. Read more

Double spell

When I got Audrey’s picture I realized the spell had worked. Just 10 minutes ago, me and my friend Andrew had casted a spell we bought online. It was supposed to have the caster possess the body of any person in the world. “Ok, if it works, you must send me some evidence” I told Andrew. He casted the spell, and I saw him fade away. Read more

Over confidence backfire at Merlin Academy

Ian thought himself so clever, and not just because he was a student at Merlin Academy. He’d found a magic spell to turn himself invisible, and his plan was to use it to sneak into the communal shower at the Delta Phi sorority house. He’d planned to just sneak in to peak, but the ease with which he got in made him more confident. The sight of all those beautiful women showering was too much for him, and so he started to masturbate while he stood there, invisible and watching them. Read more

Keeping the wife happy

My girlfriend was always big on female empowerment, so when she asked me to include a section in my marriage vows about how I pledged to always support her in any way, I didn’t bat an eye. Read more