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Me Again

You’d be surprised. I know I was. When I was told it was governement regulation to become a girl for six months and it was my turn I was dissapointed but I was also accepting. After all, everyone had to do it.
What surprised me was how it felt. I assumed as well as most that the biggest difference would be having nothing between your legs and in turn having a vagina and sitting to pee. If it wasn’t that I’d presumed the long hair or breasts. But it wasn’t. Not at all.
Women are built differently to men. Well, we all know that. Particually out back though. Men don’t have hips and rears like women. That was what I found to be the biggest difference. I have two huge jelly-like cushions hanging off my rear with a crack to seperate. They’re unreal. My ass bounces, jiggles and wiggles as I walk. Step by step. When I sit it is a couple comforting pillows making me feel great.
To be honest, I’m upset. It’s upsetting that I have to give my ass and the rest of my body away. It’s a shame I have to be me again.

TG Virus Pagent

You wouldn’t think I was once a man would you. I look like a girl. I speak like a girl. I act like a girl.
The victims of the TG virus pagent is all about celebrating people’s new found form. I’ve been told I’m picked to be this years winner. When I contracted the virus I was terribly alarmed. The doctors told me I only had four days remaining as a male. I was unsure how I would live after those four days had finished. I dreaded being a female, I didn’t see how I could live on the other side of the fence. Those four days were hard my body was gradually changing.
When it was all over I discovered that being a female isn’t that bad. I discovered that I was in fact quite beautiful. I fell in love with my new form. I loved shopping for new clothes to suit my body. It was always so fun. I learned how to apply make up expertly and do my hair stunningly.
When I saw a flyer about the pagent, I couldn’t resist. I spent all week planning how I would look. I bought my bikini and ensured it would display the best features of my body, especially my ass. I did my make up paying attention to every tiny detail. I looked in the mirror and decided that with an ass like my own, I couldn’t possibly lose.
I was so excited when I won. It confirmed to me that I loved being a girl and that I was better off this way.

Dr Rethsteki

“Hey Jeremy”, the girl turned to face an mature woman in a lab coat. “You’re a girl now”.
The girl smiled a happy smile. Jeremy had always read TG captions and fantazized about him one day being a her. But thanks to Dr Rethsteki all is good.
Dr Rethsteki discovered a chemical procedure that can instantly transform males into females. The doctor immediately used the process on himself to make him a deliciously curvy MILF. Dr Rethsteki valued her formula and wanted to share the joy of being a woman with others.
Jeremy can now share that joy. Jeremy is now a girl who is indeed very beautiful. She has an undeniably pretty face, a slim figure and long brown hair. All of which makes Jeremy very happy. Dr Rethsteki hopes to help many other men. 😉

Switching Genders

The ability to switch genders is terrific. I can be female me or male me whenever I choose. It gets you out of a lot of trouble. However, I’m a natural male and I think I’m enjoying being a female a little more. It’s almost a concern.

The Fap Curse

I’m a 21 year old guy, I masturbate. A lot. Why wouldn’t I?
But there I was browsing reddit for pictures of hot women. I clicked on a link that said “Best pic ever” and it was just a picture of some guys dick. The heck…thats not what I want. But as I looked at other pictures, that cock just kept being an image in my mind. So I went back to the picture and I finished off….it was weird…I’m definetly not gay. But it turned me on. Oh well, tomorrow it would be back to the boobs for me. Read more

Sexual Power Struggle

I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle as my feminine hands caressed another man’s cock. It was a surreal feeling- to feel so much power over another person so much larger and stronger than me. This man was putty in my hands, hypnotized by my every move. I shot him a sultry glance and let a soft moan escape my lips- he nearly came on the spot! I soaked in every foreign sensation this body offered: the subtle bouncing of my breasts as I worked the shaft, the tickle of my long brown hair on my soft, feminine face. Most foreign of all was the burning desire building between my legs- I was getting very wet. The more I caressed his cock the less I thought of anything except it filling me and fucking me. Finally it grew too much to bare, I threw myself on top of him and pressed my aching pussy against his throbbing cock, tossing away my clothes in the process. I leaned in, my lips to his ear, and begged him to fuck me! Maybe he had more power than I thought…

Look At Them

They made the right decision. I mean, look at them now. I can’t believe I chose against joining them.
Look at them. Their stunning breasts, gorgeous faces and gold bikinis. Meanwhile I spectate with a bulge emerging from my pants. I wish I didn’t have that bulge. I wish I had have done what they did, trade the bulge for a flat crotch and a pussy. What a mistake. Look at them.

Rival no longer

My name’s Mark, or I supposeI should say it was. I was one of the best Piano players in the whole city of Milwaukee. My only real rival was Barney, who liked to get very competitive with me. We often played up our rivalry to get a little extra press for ourselves. Read more

A new relationship

Chris was my best friend growing up, but when I told him I was a transgender woman, he-like many friends, disappeared from my life. But I was set on finding my happiness. Read more