‘If it gets any worse’

The doctor had absolutely no explanation. Useless piece of shit. About 3 months ago my body started to go through some changes. I lost weight, my features softened and my muscles lost their definition. At 50 years old with a wife and daughter I didn’t like to take risks with my health so I went to my doctor immediately. He told me that nothing was wrong with me and simply to monitor ‘if it gets any worse’. Long story short…it got worse. My height started to slip, usually about 1-2 inches a day, this adds up and a week in I had dropped from 6′ 5″ to 5′ 7″. On the ninth day after my doctor visit my (standing at a puny 5′ 5″) I stood in front of my wife’s full length mirror (my head now had several inches before the top of the mirror even though I used to chuckle at how small it was) and felt the ear length blonde hair that had begun to spring from my bald head.
“Hey Daddy!”
I turn to the door, startled
“Oh, Candice, you scared me” I sigh
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to see how little you got today!” my 21 year old daughter says in ‘baby talk’
I look at her indignantly
“You know before soon I might be taller than you! You’ll hardly be the Daddy then will you?”
She ends with her head next to mine, still about 4 inches shorter.

The next two weeks things got very weird. My voice changed, jumping nearly an octave, my chest started to expand and below the belt I don’t even want to talk about. All in all my wife estimates that I could maybe pass for an 25 year old girl. . The only upside is that my changes seemed to slow down after that. I was only 5′ 2″, which means I still had that on Candice. Over the last weeks she had become a whole new person. She was manipulative and intimidating. She told me that once I dropped below her in height that everything will change, I’ll be in charge”. With my wife acting more like my mother I started to get nervous that Candice may be serious”

Things came slowly after, but they kept coming. My chest developed into breasts, Candice says I’ve been “blessed by the boob fairy” and buys me busty outfits, my face softened again, my height dropped below Candice and now she runs my life.

When the doctor had no advice (back at the opening) two decisions where amde by quick (2-1) votes: 1) I could no longer pass for any older than 18 2) I needed to begin attending the local community college and accept my role as the baby of the family.

Here’s a selfie of me and “Big sissie candy” (as she insists I call her) heading off to our first day of fall semester, she insisted that we wear matching outfits and that she gets to introduce me as “my baby sister Elly” all day.


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