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Gossip Girl Costume

My girlfriend, Sarah was a die hard Gossip girl fan. I don’t know why, I thought the show was so ridiculous. But for some reason I agreed that this year we could do a Gossip Girl costume. She loved Blake Lively’s character, but Sarah was shorter and brunette, so she decided to be the other lead. Leighton was the actresses name I think. She had tasked me with figuring out who I wanted to be and putting my costume together. I figured a simple suit would cover the bases. Read more


Warning: Bella’s Magical Boutique cannot be held liable for misuse of any costumes. Read more


I didn’t understand why my daughter was always using that Snap Chat thingy on her phone. It was always selfies and mirror shots. I gave her a hard time about it quite often. But thats what Dads and Daughters do- bother each other. Read more

Learning Our Place

You see, I wouldn’t say that my friend James and I were very bigoted. I had friends of many different types growing up. But when Jim and I were off at college, I finally let my big mouth get me in trouble. Read more

Fitting in at Work

It was just a typical day at Twin Peaks restaurant for me, where I had been a dishwasher, and a variety of other backroom positions, for 5 years. I knew all the girls that worked there very well- I felt like part of the restaurant family and they all seemed to be very friendly with me. Read more

Sorority Revenge 8/10

After we fucked the 4 new women, I was quick to take off my ring. Being a man was entertaining, but I loved being a woman- I had a gorgeous body as Rose. I thought it was sort of odd that Amy didn’t take hers off right away. And after going at it with the orgy, she…he…proceeded to fuck Regina and Harriet as well. I laughed it off as a bit of revenge. But when I woke up the next morning and Amy was still a man, and was fucking Harriet again, I started getting a bit worried. Read more

Sorority Revenge 9/10

I didn’t want to tell Rose, but I was loving being a guy. Something about it just clicked for me, and wow do I love fucking women. Sure, sex as a woman was great, but I am loving the feeling of dominating these men turned women. I called up Bella to see about making this spell permanent, and she agreed- but to do that I had to finish one of our last tasks-revenge on the President of FAP Fraternity-Jonathon. He was the one that started this all- he had tried to drug my drink, and he was the one who encouraged the debauchery at FAP. Read more

Sorority Revenge Pt 6 (of 10)

I had grown up reading gender transformation fiction online, but when I went off to college I had insisted that I was going to man up. Thats why I had joined FAP Fraternity- the manliest fraternity on campus. It had been mostly successful. I was down to viewing TG captions only once a week now. Read more