my best friend and I both got transferred to a new private school. the reasoning was because he and I were huge troublemakers, everywhere we went there would be something new, and our parents were fed up.
They decided to send us to a so-called reforming school.
But still this didn’t change anything, we had been sent to these types of places and we didn’t plan on changing anything.
The first day was like any other, we behaved doing nothing wrong and generally being good students, we would keep it up for a while maybe giving people some false hope that we had changed, but that was what we wanted, we loved false hope and lies, it made us feel powerful.
That first day was strange in three ways.
One, as far as we could tell me and him were the only boys in the entire school, we actually thought that it was a mistake because we were sent to a woman’s only school. But we were assured that we had the right place.
the only other man was the principle.

Two, every one of the women there was stunningly beautiful, not one of them had any physical flaws, they seemed perfect.

And three, all the girls acted strangely, I wasn’t complaining that everyone there dressed like a slut, would eye each other in the hallways, or talk about there 8 girl “slumber party” they had.
But still, there wasn’t one girl there who wouldn’t show her perfect body in some slutty version of the school’s clothes, it didn’t take long to realize that they were all lesbians, and were all pretty dumb. we had no idea why, or how a school like this happened but here it is.
So after a month, we had become settled, and finally, i let my troublemaking self out. We had both agreed that the next time we find two girls having some sex ( which was common) we would strip and say something along the lines of ” if you want real sex then try me.” just to see what would happen.
And both of us had it happen the same day, the reactions where the same, the girl reacted as if they had just seen a naked man in public, despite that they had their fingers up each other’s pussies.

Not even 20 minutes later I get called the principles office, I arrive only to find that my friend was waiting there already
the only other man was the principal and he was intimidating, with a pricing gaze that could stop a man in his tracks
“you two should be ashamed of yourself, harassing the girls like that, when they were just trying to blow off some steam you two decided to make it horrifying for them… what do you have to say for yourself!”
I laughed at the term “blowing off some steam.” and he turned his gaze to me.
“Have something to say?”
“I just don’t understand why two girls could finger each other in the halls, but I cant pull out my dick… I mean there gotta be some rule that says people can’t do that!” his steady gaze was glued to me, and  I felt my own eye slip away from his view.
“You see, young man, this school if for reforming, we have strict rules, and we enforce them, harshly, there is nothing saying that girls can’t have a little fun, there no rule against it so we let it happen. But if they breach the rules we punish them, and that applies to you two as well. Come with me.”
he went down a small hallway behind his office.
“you see this school takes young men like you too and makes then whey where you won’t be troublemakers doing nothing for society, you will be obedient, and hard-working toward a someone’s wishes… after some years of schooling of course.”
we reached the end of the hall and he opens a door to a white room filled with furniture and a bed, on it were two pairs of the clothes that the girls here wear.
“come in. and put your bags down.”
we did as we were told, once we put our bags down, he left, closing the door behind him, we were sitting there a while, chatting about what funny punishment he could inflict to us, after 20 minutes the vents open and a deep pink gas filled the room.

We tried to call for help but soon our lungs were filled with the gas making it impossible to speak. I was flailing around the room, the gas made me feel weak and small like it was compressing my body down, it made my skin tingle and contract, my ass felt like it was expanding, my scalp tingled and the gas felt like hair on my shoulders. I felt an erection my penis expanding out, the stretched feeling of my skin, then in an instant I didn’t, I felt nothing down there, the only thing remaining from the erection was a sexual need for pleasure which was there but much different.

The gas dissipated as soon as it appeared, I saw a woman there now instead of my best friend, she was looking down friend but with a look of lust in her beautiful eyes. Her golden hair flipped up to look at me with the same look in her eyes which caused me to look down. “Holy shit,” I said softly backstepping form my girl’s voice. I have breasts, a pussy, IM A WOMAN!
looking back to the girl I surmised that the goddess I saw before me was Luke, my best friend. but behind him was something more interesting, something that caught my eye and overwritten my mind. The uniform I need to put it on. Luke looked behind him and saw them too, together we mindlessly put on the uniforms of the school, every item of clothing we put on did something to our minds.
The stockings deleted my life education. the skirt replaced my male life with a sexy sluts life. The shirt made me submissive and the shoes made me sexually charged.
I looked at the woman in front of me differently now, she was no longer a friend she was sexy, her ass supple, her pussy wet, and she saw me the same.
she pressed agent a wall as I hiked up her skirt showing her perfect ass, she let out a moan from pure excitement, and I moved my hand under her cilt putting two delicate fingers into her warm pussy, one minute into this and a man walked in, he seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite remember, I could always be such a ditz, we both looked at him
“well girls as per usual the testing begins now”
we learned that day that we were bisexual, and that woman have such a more fun role then men do in sex.


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