Help! I’m a teen sorority blonde bimbo party girl

I get caught cheating one time, and, like I told Nancy if she’d go party once in a while, it wouldn’t have happened, but she never goes out, all she does is study, and do her stupid witch crap with her friends… well, at least I thought it was stupid. Turns out my girlfriend and her best friend actually practice witchcraft.
They put a curse on me, and changed my entire life so that instead of a 30 year old mechanic, no one remembers my old life, as the man Brian Swanson, and everyone knows me as 18 year old party girl Brianna Swanson. They used magic, and changed me into a fucking chick, a freaking super hot,blonde teenage bimbo. I cant act like myself unless I concentrate so hard that it sometimes makes me pass out, so I’m stuck acting like Brianna the teen party queen, almost all the time, doing my hair, wearing make up, painting my nails, dressing like a slutty sorority girl, constantly having all mens eyes on my tight, traffic stopping body everywhere I fucking go. After three days I could barely stand it, it’s humiliating… shopping with my annoying friends (even if their all smoking hot), trying on skirts and dresses at the mall, flirting with dudes! I even spent hours trying on tiny thong underwear and push up bras (as if my tits arnt already annoying enough) and a bunch of fucking lingerie! I did get to see my super fine friends trying stuff on as well, getting naked, and, I started getting excited in my mind, trying to will my body to move in on one of those little sluts, but physically, nothing! I’m in a womens changing room watching 18 year old girls try on fuck me underwear, and I can’t even get turned on…
I do have to admit though, while those girls are hot, this body I’m stuck in is a knock out,(and, even though I might be a teenage blonde bimbo, that doesn’t mean I can’t still appreciate my body as a male, I have to admit, I’m a fucking knock out.) so damn sexy, and that slutty underwear looks great on her, me, whatever.
That night I spent hours posing for myself in the mirror, dancing for myself, shaking my tits, sucking my fingers, and eventually ended up getting myself off, which was incredible but also bizarre, being on the receiving end of fingering a girl, but… holy shit the orgasms were amazing. Like nothing I’ve ever felt. I just wish that night I wouldn’t have had the weird sex dreams… not about this hot body, or chicks I’ve fucked in the past… no, at first, it seemed alright, but then, my girl brain and these hormones are fucking with me,
The dream seemed totally real, more real than any I’ve ever had. I was in a changing room with Kelly, this super hot, but annoying redhead with big tits that are so fucking firm you’d think they were fake (there not) that always is hanging out with me, and, praise god! I’m back in my male body again. We start to get it on, I can feel my dick straining against my pants… then I look in the mirror, and, suddenly, I’m Brianna again, my bleached blonde hair framing my sexy face, Im wearing a tiny black tube top, my tits pressing out and clearly view able through the sheer top, crotchless lacey black panties and black high heels and nothing else, and Kelly, she’s got on a cheerleading uniform, but it’s so short and the top clings to her big boobs so tight theres no way it’s legal. She looks so fucking hot… except for the huge strap on dildo she’s holdng in her hand. Ok, not what I’d choose, but… some hot lesbian action might be alright I think. So we’re kissing, feeling each other up,touching, and I picture us sixty nining… and all the sudden… a dude walks in! Big, huge football player types. I try to yell to get out, but instead, he sits and watches me and Kelly go at it, kissing feeling up each others tits, he sits in a chair, and we each take turns going down on each other, eating each others tight, wet pussies, and I can see Jason watching us, his dick out, hard as a rock, and he’s stroking it while he watches us. I’m so turned on, that I think I might actually have kind of liked him watching.
Finally, the guy, a lean, tall blonde that I somehow know is named Jason, grabs Kelly and they start going at it. Ripping clothes off, his dick is out, she’s sucking it… and I’m just watching, but I can feel my body getting more and more turned on each second. He’s laying on top of her, fucking her like a machine, and I’m on the bed next to them, and I can feel my hand between my legs as I watch.
Then, suddenly Tim, a huge linebacker from high school, that… I guess I used to date? He’s in the room too. He picks me up. I want to fight him off, but I’m so horny… next thing I know, my arms and legs are wrapped around his huge body, and I’m kissing him and he’s kissing me back, hard, while his hands squeeze my ass and legs, and he runs them down my back and over my perfect tits, lingering to roughly squeeze them, which makes me squeel with pleasure. Then he lies me down, and… my hand is just between his legs, in his pants, pulling them down. Then I grab his huge dick and start working it with my hand, and then my lips… sucking him off like a pro, until I finally can’t wait, so I climb up, looking at his big, hard dick, imagining it pushing into me, and then I straddle him… and, just as I lower myself down to slide my throbbing pussy onto his huge dick, I wake up, in mid scream, two fingers buried in my soaking wet cunt, and my body in the middle of a orgasm that goes on for what seems like minutes, practically making me black out.

That morning I didn’t want to get out of bed, that dream freaked me out so bad, but my Brianna programming took over, and next thing you know, I’m putting on a fucking cheerleader uniform for some kind of car wash thing, I guess I was head cheerleader. I put my make up on, and I look so fucking hot I almost want to get off again, but I’m afraid of what might pop into my head… plus, I keep finding out more and more about myself, fucking prom queen, head cheerleader, the girl it seems every guy wants to bang… and… ugh, it seems some have. I’m starting to remember dating a lot of guys in the past few years,,,
Then, this morning I get a text from a guy named Kent… and suddenly, as has happened before, I can access facts about Brianna’s invented life that I’m forced to live… and this Kent, he’s… fuck. He’s my boyfriend!
At the carwash, I hear the other girls talking about the party tonight, and I realize that Kent and I have been an item for almost nine months. I’m dreading tonight, so I try and just concentrate on the other girls in their little skirts, and their wet t shirts, and try to ignore every man that comes by doing the same to me, know they are since I’m pretty much the hottest chick here, and that’s saying something cuz all us cheerleaders are smokin.
n I tried everything to get my dumb body to cancel, but nothing worked, and I just couldn’t stop myself from going to the big friday night party with my girlfriends, and worst of all Kent. I tried super hard to wear something less, well, slutty, but ended up in a fucking bikini, that barely covers my butt and boobs, which makes guys stare at me constantly, and even worse, Kent won’t keep his hands off me. He even kissed me… like five times! He came up behind me and started kissing my neck, he has his hand on my ass constantly… and for some reason, I can’t seem to stop him either. In fact, my body is feeling all weird.. tingly, sort of… empty, as much as my male mind is fighting, I’m getting fucking turned on!
He went to get us more beers, and then came back and cornered me, and I tried a little to stop him, but his strong arms were pushing me into an empty room, and, I tried to make a break for it, but my stupid girl body… next thing I know, we’re making out, open mouths, tongues, his hands are all over my practically naked body, squeezing my ass, my boobs, and I can’t stop…. and I could feel my body reacting, and I could feel Kent’s dick pressing against my thigh when he climbed on top of me. He moved my top aside and began kissing my nipples, and I started moaning, my hips grinding against him. In the back of my mind I yelled out to stop, but once this horny babe body gets goin….
Luckily, the band started playing, so I straightened my top, and we went out, but then I started dancing with him and some of my girlfriends for hours, and we drank beer, I stood in front of Kent and danced, my bikini clad body clearly having an effect, since every time he presses against me, or, try as I did to stop doing it, I would dance and rub my ass against his crotch, I can feel his big, erect dick pressing against me. For some reason, that makes me keep grinding my sexy little teen queen slut body against him even more, So, it wasn’t a surprise that Kent was all over me, after that but the bad part was, I was letting him put his hands all over me, and on top of that, I’d had a few drinks and this body doesn’t seem to be able to drink as much, but I started pounding them back, dancing and yelling with my friends… then, it’s kind of a haze.
n I just woke up, totally disoriented, head in a daze, before I realized that I was in the back of Kent’s van. Naked. With Kent laying next to me. My head was actually laying on his chest, and he was nude as well. I rolled aside, sliding out from under him, and taking his hand off my breast, groaning at the thought that we were cuddling all night totally nude.
n Then my mind raced. What did I do? I remember dancing. I remember drinking… I search my mind… I remember going outside, kissing, I remember his hands. Oh god, I remember getting in his van. I remember this body, being so turned on, I remember his hands and mouth all over my body, I remember his… dick. I remember it in my hand… and my mouth… I can taste him,,, and.. oh god I want to puke.. I fucked this guy! I glance over, see him laying there nude… memories of last night start to become clear… I can remember what it felt like… to.. have him inside me, in my pussy. I can remember him making me cum so hard… ugh! Ive gotta stop thinking about this, everyday I lose myself and become more this trampy little blonde party girl… and, after thinking about last night, I’m afraid I’m starting to like being Brianna.

When is this nightmare going to end!


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