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You are cordially invited

The patrol car came to a halt right outside a large house in the more fashionable area in town.
“I guess it´s here”, Malcolm said with a slightly jaded tone in his voice.
“Guess it is”, Sam agreed. Read more

My fantasy fullfilled

“Where’s my keyboard?” I asked myself when it just faded away from existance. I was looking at an otgc caption titled “Their fantasies fulfilled”, when everything around me started changing. “What’s this?” I asked myself when I realized my computer mouse had transformed into a brush. I should have just left it there and walk away, but instead, I felt the need to brush my hair. Read more

Her party, my party

It was her party. When Audrey kissed me out of the blue, and asked me to follow her to her room, I didn’t even hesitate. I followed her downstairs, leaving all of my friends downstairs. We entered her room, and locked the door. “Wait here by the door” she said. I could already feel my erection. She took all her clothes and revealed her perfect body. Read more

Mixed Drink

I swirled the girly drink in my glass. It smelled like strawberries, and so did I. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for myself but my good friend Geoff needed a hot date for the night. Read more

Not a Costume Party

My friends and I had been obsessed with going to one of the basketball teams parties since we got to school. They were legendary across campus, and the standard all other parties were compared to. Trouble was, we were never invited. That changed tonight, though. It was Halloween. We’d show up in costume, and by the time anybody asked any questions we’d already be inside. My friends went to pick out the costumes while I got the booze. I told them grab me something and I’d pay them back later. That cost me; they wound up tossing me a sexy maid costume hours before the party. Well, I’d show them. This might work in my favor actually. I’m quite proud of my physique, and this showed a lot of skin, not to mention a pretty decent sense of humor. Read more