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Seat Down

I would never learn. I, like many men would never ever put the toilet seat down. It drove my female roommate mad. Technology is a funny thing that is growing rapidly in an exponential fashion. A small device has been designed which could alter reality. My roommate had one. She felt it quite fitting I became a woman for a month so I could finally leave the seat down. Read more

Trying It Out

Believe us. We never thought we’d be here. At no stage did we think it would be like this. We were both just ordinary teenage boys who did ordinary teenage boy things. We were nothing special, just normal boys living normal lives. Read more

A new start

Roger brushed the long hair that fell on his face and slung down his smooth feminine legs on the floor. He was sitting on the bed trying to get fully awake. Wincing his cute girly face he stood up, feeling an odd jiggle on his chest, something he didn’t get quite used to. Half asleep Roger went to the bathroom where he glanced at his reflection in the mirror. Seeing the teenage girl staring back at him Roger let out a sight. To think that it’s all because some stupid quarrel with his daughter. If he didn’t say the words that pissed her off he would still be his normal, 45 years old self. Instead now he was 17 and on top of that a girl. Read more

Little Experiment gone wrong for the girlfriend

So my girlfriend has this weird idea to turn me into a Latina girl like her and share what it feels like and she always wanted to do it with a women as well. Not knowing she invited her friend from work. As she was sucking my tits she tolded me to mounted her friend, i wasnt sure being an all male guy but i did it and OMG the dick in my pussy was like in heaven I was thing like a horny women in heat. I had 3 orgasms and still going. I think she is going to have problem because as of now i am not into her or any women. All i want now is more dick in my pussy.

The buffet of life: NatalieAmore’s serving

**This is the first of what I’m hoping to turn into a serial request series, so please read the first chapter and comment if you have anything you would like to have written. The tag for this series is going to be #BOL series** Read more

Too soon

“Perfect” Billy said completing his outfit. Looking in the mirror a smile appeared on his face seeing the pretty girl in the reflection. Humming cheerfully his favorite song Billy went to the kitchen to have some breakfast before leaving to school. As he got into the Kitchen Billy noticed his mom was giving him a surprised look. Read more

First and only wish

When I found the magic lamp, I was concerned. I had heard all the stories of how genies twist your wishes and make things worse than they were before. But then again, I knew there was no other way I could truly fulfill my lifelong dream. Read more

Telling the truth

Here I am, standing in the middle of the street, watching as my friends are playing street hokey. It’s been so long since we talked to eachother. I wasn’t around for half a year since I was helping my mom to take care of my sick grandma. Well, at least it’s what thet belive since I didn’t have the balls to tell them the truth, which is kind of ironic since I literally don’t have any balls right now. It’s all because of the tg flu that turned me into the girl I am now. Read more

Make some easy cash

So my wife was pist at me because the way i was always checking out girls. she said it time i learn ow it felt to be a object of attention. Next thing i know she turned me into theis really cute girl and as she walk out she told me i will stay like this until i learn respect. So as i sat here i figured may as well sure the net. Then I came up with this great idea. i have this great looking body i may as well put it to good use and show it off and make cash at the same time, at least until she cools down. I was rolling in cash for about 2 weeks, this was a winner. Little did i know that my girlfriend seen me on the web site and flashed me a message. BEING YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR BODY AND WOMEN THEN YOU WILL REMIND ONE, ENJOY YOUR NEW LIVE FOR A SLUT IS ALL YOU WILL BE. ……… Oh well, guess its not to bad i im making a living…lol