Test subject

The future started with the creation of the nanobot, the ultimate technology, able to do nearly anything, and like any new technology it took a while for society to accept it, but once they did the addiction started. it used to be only the rich who had access due to it being absurdly expensive, but who wouldn’t pay for absolute control over your body.
But after the company that was holding a monopoly of the market BioBots started to produce less expensive bots the public got their hands on it.
and that put the public into the controlling hands of BioBots. the CEO Sam Poice
is known for using his family as the first test subjects of nanobots (which killed them) and when they found out he simply threatened to take away all bots, and the shut public up.

The bots could change nearly everything except for major aspects of yourself, for example, you could easily change your hair color, muscle mass, make the gym irrelevant by speeding how your body processes food, increase libido, or penis size, or amount of pleasure you feel.

But you cannot change things like eye color, the shape of your bones, or gender.
And last, nobody has figured out how to make nanobots work on the mind, no matter how many trials or tests were conducted nanobots seemed unable to control the brain, to the public it seemed impossible.
But BioBots assured people that it was going to happen, they didn’t care, the public was satisfied with the body changes that were possible.

But not all people liked nanobots.
My name is David, I’m a world-class hacker with a group of people dedicated to stopping the nanobots. we do simple things like stopping shipments of bots to complicated stuff like being constantly hacked into their system and searching for anything for us to use against them. That’s my job, I’m basically just a watchman looking into everything if I see something strange suspicious or new I report it.
After a long day, I went home, being fiercely dedicated to my body, I never took nanobots, I was just a normal guy and that made me exposed. the next thing I know I feel a pain in my head and I pass out.

I wake up after what felt like instantly, instinctively I reached back to where I felt the pain, I pulled a small disk off my head, it must have knocked me out, and I recognized the logo on it immediately BioBots. “Shit,” I said they must know something. I looked around at my surroundings recognizing it as nanobot a test room, I had seen too many people die in these rooms.
My train of thought was stopped by some man entering with a small case, I recognized him as Sam Poice the CEO of BioBots.
“Hello David.” he said, “it’s nice to finally meet you.”
“cant say the same,” I replied, I knew he had some form of intention of torture to make me rat out my friends but I would have none of it.
“You’ll have more luck killing me now, I won’t tell you anything.”
He looked at me.
“I’m sure you think that now David, but be assured. I have no intention of harming you, quite the opposite, I’m going to elevate you to a new form living, without the stress of your body… or we’re going to try.”
“what?” I asked knowing somewhat what he was going to do.
“well you see David, BioBots have been trying a more powerful bot able to change more a major part of a human body, while also being able to control the mind.
And we are going to test them on you.”
he pulled out two cubes and pressed buttons on top, and the cubes became a swarm of bots coming toward me.
I tried to avoid it but they enter through every hole and eventually they were in me.
I certainly didn’t feel any different but I knew that they had to be activated.
he pulled out a remote and pressed something.

My world spun like I was dizzy but wasn’t sick, I didn’t feel pain, just shifting like everything was changing in my body, my skin softened, my body hair fell off, I knew I was smaller, I saw my dainty hands, small feminine arms, then I saw an almost golden filter in my eyes, it wasn’t long before I realized it was blonde hair in my eyes,my hips cracked out but still I felt no pain, my face reshaped, and my vocals changed, my ass inaflated out, and looking down I saw the begining of breasts, the dizzyness stopped, and I noticed everything in detail, my hair, my female hands and arms, my legs, ass, breasts which now where large and sexy, looking past my breasts I saw somthing that I thought I would feel, my penis was gone, in its place was a vigana.
I was horrified, everything that made me…ME is gone, and it was made possible by the one thing I was most firmly against. I fell back on the bed I was about to faint, the man who did this to me was laughing, a deeply satisfying laugh.
“3 years of testing and you young lady are the result… I could not be happier… but still we are not done.”

that’s when I remembered, ” control the mind.” he said
“wait please don-” he pressed it again, and I fell to the bed.
once again my world was changing, my head hurt, every few seconds a pulse came through and the pain increased, each pulse brought a new thought and covered an old one with the new.

Whats my name? I knew I was a man I knew it was something, but I couldn’t think the headache hurt too much to think, I was so confused why did it hurt so much? whats my name? my name came with a pulse it hurt so much I decided it was Delilah, and as soon as I did the pain decreased. my name was Delilah, I’m a girl. the pain decreased some more the more questions I answered the more the pain decreased. my broken brain was slowly building back, as a female. I looked at the man standing, watching me. “who is that?” I asked I responded with the most pleasurable answer of all. ” my superior .” when I thought it the pain dissipated and gave way to pleasure, whatever lingering questions I had were answered by the simple fact that he was my superior, I was his to do with as he pleases, I was anything he wanted me to be. I don’t know where these thoughts came from but they felt to good the think, every time I thought them I would have a wave of pleasure sent through me.
“whats your name?” my master asked. his voice was heavy dominating.
“Delilah, Sir.”
“and what are you.”
“I’m your slave master, yours to do as you please,” saying it made me feel alive I had never felt the need for dominance so much before.
“good, get on your knees slut, I’m going to keep you, but you need to learn to pleasure a man first.
“yes, master,”


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