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A lucky break

I had just gotten laid off and needed some quick cash, and X-Change Corp was offering some fantastic money to try their new gender-swapping pill. I thought what the hell, be a girl for a day, enjoy myself a little, get back to hunting for a job when rent isn’t looming over my head. Read more

Can’t get enough.

“Fucking whore!” muttered Jack as he received yet another rejection from his online dating profile his anger bubbling to the surface yet again “How dare she reject me just for being honest, so what if I told her I was only interested in a fuck it’s not like she wasn’t thinking the same thing.” Read more


(Paula) “What has happened to me? “Paul asked his girlfriend Rhonda after awaking from the hypnosis. (Paula) “We agreed that you would put me in a hypnosis to get rid of my smoking habit but this not what we agreed. (Rhonda) ”Correct however when I put you under a hypnosis I discovered that u have been cheating on me with ex-girlfriend Lilli. So now not only your smoking habit is gone I changed your sexual desire as well but something else had to go. I thought its better if you keep stay together so I transformed her entire body into a busty Latina bodysuit, after that I glued your old body into the bodysuit while u got hypnotized.” Read more

Cosplaying as a Cosplayer

Phillip was a senior in high school. He made good money at his job, and was making payments on a car too. With a long weekend coming up, he was making plans to go to E3 with some friends. While looking at videos and chatrooms online talking about what the upcoming E3 would feature, he stumbled upon a group of geeks talking about what cosplayers would be there. He started loading the chatroom with his opinions of cosplayers, and basically judging these nerds as he knew there would be little consequence. He continued picking on the kids until he got a peculiar text on his phone:
“Alright you think very little of cosplayers so I doubt you’ve ever given it a real shot. We all enjoy dressing as our favorite game and anime characters so since E3 starts tomorrow, I’m going to give you a front row seat to cosplaying. Enjoy, and I’ll see you there!”
Phillip got off the chatroom after this, he didn’t like the fact these internet dweebs had somehow gotten his phone number. He started playing video games to get his mind off it, and by the time he went to bed it was practically forgotten. Read more

It’s, like, Not What It Looks Like!

“It’s, like, not what it looks like!” I squealed, closing my laptop and jumping onto my bed. My girlfriend had come in through the backdoor and I wasn’t expecting her home so early, so she totally surprised me. Read more


Whoever says the otherwise is lying, the medallion is so much fun. I tricked my friend Andrew to wear it. Although the full transformation took some time, I started to see the changes immidiately. His mind was the first to wander, “That guy is cute” he said. I laughed when he said so. “It’s not funny. I don’t even know why I said so. I like guys… I mean girls” he said. Read more

Doctor HUGE

“Ummm… like, whoa… I totally, like, think something went wrong with the… posi… positronic mecha-thingy, or something, cuz like… I totallly wasn’t supposed to end up with boobies and a missing ding-dong! Plus, I think my TARDI-… my TARTY… my TIT-IS… whatever the time machine thingy’s called, like, sent me to the wrong era! It’s like, totally broken… and I feel too dumb and horny to fix it now! I’m totally stranded! I’m, like, totally… Ooh, who’s THAT guy? He’s, like, SO hot!”

Not a Body Builder, but Into Body Builders

Ted came out of the change machine, not the body builder he requested, but a busty curvy bimbo instead. Ted realized he felt strange right out of the machine, as air brushed his new exposed equipment, and he caught a whiff of the scent, he looked down to see huge boobs, and an exposed slit, and he smelled pussy, his pussy! He wasn’t a body builder, but now he was thinking of hot handsome body builders, and his new pussy was getting wetter and the smell much stronger. Read more

3 Slutty Necessities

I wasn’t sure about whether I’d like being a female, but now thanks to these three things there’s no way I’d ever go back.
Designer shoes, 5-star hotel suites (with the Jacuzzi of course) and of course cock. Read more

Bimbo Gun

We were examining a meteor in the lab when suddenly it cracked open releasing a pink mist which cleared to reveal what looked like a shinny pistol. Barry picked it up and clumsily dropped it it sent a a pink beam that hit Kathy whose short grey hair tuned into long blonde locks and she became all pretty.
“Wow a rejuvenation ray!” Said Martin, who dived for the gun and shot his own bald head. But as well as growing long blonde hair he too became a shapely woman, in a pink outfit.
“No its a BIMBO GUN!” Shouted David, who easily pulled the gun from Martins limp wrists, and then started shooting everyone in the room. Exclaiming “Finally I will be able to get laid!”. Read more