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Star Player to Cheerleader

You may or may not believe this. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t believe me. I was linebacker last season. I laid out huge hits on everyone I was feared by all. I had more women than a brothel and that’s a fair statement. But then it all changed.
You see, I was a pivotal player for my team. I hate to sound arrogant but they couldn’t win without me. Of course, as I previously stated, I was a pretty big hit for the opposite sex. So… I did upset a few women.
Little did I know that an opposition team wanted me out. Permanently. They approached a group of girls I’d upset and revealed their plan. The girls loved it and were more than happy to play their role.
I was kidnapped. I was transformed into a girl. I was devastated. I valued my masculinity profusely and I had no idea how to live as a woman. I didn’t want to do make up, have uncomfortable shoes on my feet, wear a skirt or have long hair. I was a man.
I had to stay with the girls I’d upset. They were helpful. I knew that I wouldn’t be a man again so it was best to just try and adjust. They taught me plenty about womanhood even though I learnt somewhat reluctantly. Overtime, they convinced me to join the cheerleaders. I still wanted to be involved in the team so I guess cheerleader was as close as I was going to get now.
I was kind of beginning to enjoy the company of the girls. They were really quite friendly. I was loving cheerleading. It was great to be involved with the team and in many aspects it was better than playing. I never ever woke up extremely sore the next morning. The routines were so fun and it was so exciting watching the game with the other girls. I felt comfortable in the make up I had to wear for my routines.
I now accept being female. I don’t mind it. I have some great friends. I’m in the cheer squad. Wearing skirts is awesome. Having a flat crotch is super awesome particular when it’s so sexy and comfortable. I love cheerleading and doing all those high kicks in my short skirt and feeling those male eyes burn into my feminine skin. I don’t miss being a man. Not at all.


“Steven you have to check this out” Clark showed him his phone. Steven took it in his hands and glared at the picture his friend just recived. On the picture was Kelly Markinson smiling and showing her naked chest. “Wow! That’s so awsome” Steven exclaimed. “Sure it is. I’m glad Mike didn’t forget about us after he swapped bodies with Kelly and he keep sending nudes” Clark said. “Yeah, a real bro, even if he is now a chick” Steven said. Read more

Sorority Fun

So I haven’t written any captions in a while and I figured I would write about a fantasy of mine. Read more

Taken Advantage Of No More

The five chicks by the pool knew they were being taken advantage of, the frat boys on spring break demanded their affections to save their sorority house. The boys had blackmailed the girls into some naughty acts poolside in exchange for them not turning them into the college for all the sorority house violations. Read more

All Deals Come With Unintended Consequences

She gets college credit, I get a bump into upper management. My firm required “Diversity Certification” to make Partner; a new credential that says one lived as an ‘underrepresented’ group for 12 months. Being your average white male, the only way for me to get that little piece of paper would be to switch lives with someone else. Initially quite hesitant, my wife soon threw away her reluctance after she saw the salary of Partner at my firm. Read more

Fields of Femininity

When Jason and his class went on a school excursion to the fields of femininity they were unsure of how it would go. However, once they got there they loved it.
The fields of femininity require everyone to be female in that area. So for Jason and his mates as they entered they became female. Jason was pleased with his new body as was everyone else and their new bodies. He loved the feeling of the space between his legs that resulted in being more comfortable and he and all the others agreed that having boobs is sensational. They were all a little sad to leave the fields of femininity. They were worried that they may never see this beautiful bodies again. However little did they know that if on exit from fields of femininity if they are satisfied with being a girl they shall remain a girl.
Jason was over the moon when he was confirmed as a she. Once they passed the gate Jason who now likes to be called Jessica, proceeded to show everyone her vagina.
She shouted, “look at me I still have a pussy, I am a girl forever!” Jessica had never been this happy as Jason.

big slut on campus – rabbit’s foot keychain

Steffi hated being the biggest slut in the entire school, but she couldn’t help it no matter how hard she fought. The other cheerleaders constantly teased her about her tight, sexy clothes and how she was always dating some new guy, giving her the reputation as the babe every guy wanted to fuck and biggest bimbo slut on campus! She hated they way girls giggled at her and guys stared, she hated how her big, perfect tits were always bouncing in her tiny tops making guys constantly stare,drool and hit on her… she hated it when they looked at her like a sex doll bimbo, knowing exactly what they were thinking… she wanted to tell every guy to leave her the fuck alone! but… Read more

You’re missing out

Masao wearily entered his dormitory room at Waseda University and was surprised to find two girls giggling, kissing and bumping breasts with each other on the bed. Actually, the more personally shocking reality for Masao was that he’d somehow swapped bodies with his girlfriend Mitsuko last night right when he came into her lustily. He and Mitsuko had spent the entire night trying to come to grips with this turn of events, and then she’d had to teach him how to put on her clothes and heels. Now he was bone-tired. Read more

Just What I Wanted

This has been the most boring day of my life. My girlfriend is at work and I have nothing to do all day but watch TV at her apartment. I got way to wasted last night at the club and Ashley had to take me to her place. She took her car so I’m stuck here I guess. After I finished lunch I began to get a very uneasy feeling in my gut. Perhaps I was just horny after a long dry spell with my girlfriend. I walked into her bedroom and saw a very sexy lingerie outfit that looked brand new sitting on the dresser next to the bed. I walked over and it was somewhat larger than the regular size my girlfriend bought. In fact, she almost never wore lingerie. Something in me always loved wearing girl’s clothes and pretending to be one. I was overcome with a irresistible urge to put on the beautiful clothes I saw before me. I can’t explain it, but something about feeling girly just makes me very horny. In fact, today I tried on many possible combinations of slutty outfits and wished I had the voluptuous body to fill out the sexy clothes that my girlfriend has. I secretly wished that I was twice as slutty looking as my girlfriend, with tits that are more than a handful. Read more