19 days since I’ve lost control.
it started when I wanted to be a girl that simple I never liked my male self and I wanted to be a woman, so I went to someone claiming to be a witch and asked her to turn me into a sexy female who would be the fantasy of every guy, and to my surprise, she agreed. and within a snap of her fingers and a flash of white, I looked down and saw a female body.

I was in the same room where the witch changed me but she was nowhere to be found. I turned around and found a mirror which I swear wasn’t there before, and I saw my self…” I’m hot.” I said softly surprised my new soft sexy voice. My hand wandered down to my new folds like I had been doing it all my life.
And of course, that’s when the witch decided to make her entrance, she gave a quiet laugh and asked if I could sit down so she could explain some things, I obliged feeling my cushioned ass on the hard floor just turned me on, which was a new feeling in its own right.

“now let me explain some things about the new you. first of all, you are now fully female, you can have sex, get pregnant and get periods so on and so forth.”
now she turned more serious.
“Second, you were asleep for 2 days while the transformation took place and I thought about what kind of things  I could do to you, and while you were changing you were putty in my hands. So I increased your body’s libido by 6x. So you will be constantly horny.
Second, any man that you physically see that your body is attracted to will cause you to change into the girl of their deepest fantasies, even if it makes you into an 18 year old Asian or some blonde bimbo your body will become their fantasy, and after that, is when the uncontrollable urge to please them will start, you’ll want to fuck them blow them, spread your pretty pussy toward their hard cock, eat their cum, be abused by them, let them cover every inch of your body in their salty sticky seed. some things I didn’t change, however, like your mind, if you’re not fucking your brains out then you will be you! except in a horny female body that will need to masturbate a lot during the day. that’s about all you need to know… hope you have fun as a woman!”
and as suddenly as she told me I doomed to be a slut she disappeared. leaving a pile of girly clothes which fit me perfectly.
I was stunned though a large part of me thought she was kidding, I certainly don’t feel like eating some guys cum or fucking some guy dry, but I was horny and my pussy was wet, so I thought what any normal person would, I was dreaming, deciding there was no real danger I left the building and headed toward my house… which was a huge wake up call. my house was only 3 blocks away and since I thought I was dreaming I decided to walk straight there it should have only taken 5 minutes, but within my first 8 steps I was stopped dead in my tracks, by a man, simply walking toward me he wasn’t that handsome of buff but my body was yearning for him, I felt myself change into a fit short blonde in only tight shorts and a sports bra. my thought about me dreaming got thrown away for no feeling this strong could be a dream.
the man noticed me immediately since I was his perfect girl, and then the urges hit me, everything in me said to fuck, pull out his cock wrap it around your lips and swallow his seed, do anything to be with him and I did, I took his 9 inch cock in my hungry pussy and I ate every last bit of his delicious cum.
I made it to my house after 7 hours and 19 guys, every single one with their own fantasy girl and how they want me to act, I learned that I adopt the girl’s personalities too, I served as some college kids maid then asked him to tie me down and abuse my pussy like it was meat.
eventually getting to my house I masturbated until I fell asleep from exhaustion.

and now here I am it has been 19 days since I fucked a guy I have been like this for 47 days I have fucked 86 guys in total, but I have finally worked a system.
I cant leave my house or look out the window cause if I see a guy I’m attracted to ill go chasing him, I make money by being a cam girl my body has 3 needs, I need to eat, sleep, and have something sexual nearly all day, so about 85% of my waking time is used shoving something in my pussy, and god does it feel good. I get food from delivery, but I try to make sure that it’s not a guy delivering it, so iv learned the females work schedules. and this has worked, I haven’t fucked in a while, so while I was streaming I ordered a pizza, I had done it enough to know that it was Ava’s shift, and I have gotten sloppy.
when it arrived I forgot to check who it was and open the door only to find a tall stud standing there. “oh my god” I said softly already feeling the effect of the magic, my blonde hair turn brown, my face went from schoolgirl to slut, and I lost some inches, as well as some years, I felt that I was to be submissive, always listen to him and only him.
All that happens in a split second. “are you alright ma’am?”  he responded it startled me, suddenly I didn’t care about my rules, all I wanted was to please and obey him.
Jack in his own mind was quite surprised he was delivering a pizza to a girl who seemed to be ripped straight from his dreams and she was only wearing a robe,

I reached for the pizza and touched his hand and that was the breaking point.
I lounged for him engaging in a sexual kiss while undressing him, and he responded by pulling off my robe reviling my sexy body, I reached his pants and felt his cock, long and thick, I went on my knees but he stopped me, “no, on your back slut… spread your legs.” I did as I was told cause I couldn’t help it I needed to be his fantasy which was to be submissive.
he rammed his monster into me, sending me into waves of uncontrollable pleasure this was so much better than dildos, the heat, the veins everything was incredible, after so much fucking he came on my chest, then told me to clean him up, I got on my knees and slurped up every delicious drop of cum.
“whats your name?” he asked me, while licking cum off my tits,
“whatever you want it to be master. im yours to abuse.”
“very well slut you will be mine for a long time, and get all the abuse you want.”


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