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A Different Way

Donovan was going into the last couple weeks of his senior year of college, but he was increasingly uncertain that he’d chosen the right career. Doubt and worry plagued his every waking moment, and even seeped into his dreams. One night, as he lay in bed, just before he went to sleep. he rubbed the lucky coin he’d been given on his first day of college by his grandfather and whispered “I wish I could see what’s down other paths. How my life would be different. Just to know I made the right choices.” The coin glowed softly in response, not that Donovan noticed, having passed out. Read more

A day in the life of a girl. Part 3

Rich rubbed his eyes and let out a big yawn. He looked around the room noticing a few changes. Rich turned around on the bed feeling a little bit taller than before. Suddenly the door opened and his parents went in, holding a cake. “Happy birthday Heather” They exclaimed. Confused Rich counted the candles. There were four of them. Rich didn’t know exactly whats going on. Just yesterday he was much younger why is he suddenly four years old? Is this the part of the spell? Read more

Just Like You Always Wanted.

“Oh honey, isn’t this what you wanted?” My wife capped her lips over my enlarged areola, teething my nipple and lettin go as she and I watched my newly swollen chest jiggle onto itself , “I thought you said you were transgender, wanted to become a woman, and we could become lesbians afterwards?” Read more

Witch sister

Being born a witch I always used my powers for my own goals. I especially loved to tease my older brother with it. One day I decided to change him a bit so I used my spell and transformed him into a girl. But the best part is that I also altered the reality a bit so now everyone besides us thinks that he was born a girl. Of course he was mad at me and demanded to change him back. Read more

Girlfriend swap

I stormed into my little brother’s room and found my girlfriend lying in bed next to him. They didn’t look at me like they were the ones at fault though.
I just wanted to check, when I woke up with his girlfriend lying next to me, acting like it was perfectly normal, I had a strange feeling that this would have happened. Read more

not meant to be a couple

“i love you” suddenly said Julian’s roomate, George, after entering his room with a serious face. He always knew his roomate was gay, but he never thought he could feel something for him. After a very embarassing moment when he try to explain i wasn’t gay himself and just wanted to be friend, George closed the door to return to his own room. Both of us knew nothing would be the same anymore.
Any of us knew that, at the same moment, they made a wish which was about to be realised. When Julian wished that his roomate wasn’t attracted to him anymore to live as normal friend again, George wished that Julian would love men like him to be together.
Without them noticing it, reality change to match their wish.
An hour later, George came back to his roomate bedroom and saw Julie, waiting for him in all her sexiest lingerie. She took a sexy pose and invited him to joind her. Julie always have found her roomate cute. Even if it was convenient to be around a man who don’t wanted to be in her panties every time, she have developped a sort of attraction for him.
But George wasn’t into girls and he tell Julie it was useles to try to seduce him.
Definitly they weren’t made to be with each other as a couple.