Have a Bit of Class! (Request for Roaster)

“Phillip!” A shrill voice sounded, breaking Phillip from his daydream. He hated Mrs Greysons class. She was a stuck up bitch and always called him out for doing even the tiniest thing wrong. He also hated having to sit the class with some of the prettiest but bitchiest girls in the school. They giggled and gossiped away while Mrs Greyson let them get off free as she shouted at the boys in the class. “Sorry Mrs Greyson” He apologised to the sound of giggling from the girls and jeering from the guys, happy that it wasn’t them in her sights for this class. “Phillip, if you can’t keep your pathetic mind focused then you can sit outside, you horrid boy” She scolded turning around to resume scrawling on the board. Chelsea, one of the pretty blonde girls beside him, leaned over, smiling and whispered “Yeah, you Horrid boy! we’re trying to learn!” “Oh fuck off, Chelsea, you bitch. You have it easy because youre a girl!” Phillip whispered back angrily, shocking Chelsea that anyone would dare talk back to her. Her expression turned to anger as she reached into her handbag, pulling out and small notebook and hastily scrawling away. Phillip, content that he had shut her up, went back to looking at the board, hoping Mrs Greyson wouldn’t embarrass him in front of the whole class again.

Phillip tried to focus on the voard but he felt just so restless and agitated. He shuffled his feet, finding it hard to sit still. “Ugh…I knew Sport socks were a bad idea with these shoes. Theyre too itchy” he thought, reaching down to adjust his socks, only to find they felt longer. He lifted up his trouser leg to see long white socks just below his knees, his shoes having morphed into small, low heeled schoolgirl shoes. “What the Fuck?” he whispered drawing the attention of Chelsea who looked over smirking. “Be. Quiet. Mr Phillip!” Mrs Greyson shouted not even turning around. “Something wrong, Philly? Stop disrupting the class” Chelsea said holding up her small pink notebook with a list of names crossed out in purple. except for one, Phillip. Before he had time to react, he felt like he jolted in his seat as he shrunk suddenly down to a light 5″4″. He watched his hands on the desk turn feminine as his nails grew, fingers small and thin. Phillip began to panic, realising that Chelsea was turning into a girl! That bitch! “Chelsea you fucking asshole! What did-” Chelsea laughed as Phillip coughed, his neck becoming more elegant. She stayed quiet observing her handiwork. “Ohmigawd~!” Phillip exclaimed quietly as he felt himself push up in the seat, his ass filling with soft spankable flesh and hips pushing outwards to a curvy ladylike form, straining his pants. He reached into his pants, feeling the fabric around them shift and morph from trousers into a very short skirt. He made contact with his penis, or what was left of it, as he felt a soft, hot cleft open below it, swallowing up his manhood. “Owh shit, owh shit, owh shit!” he softly cooed as he flusteredly tried to delve in after his manhood, his balls following suit, but before he knew it, his fingers were exploring her new pussy, the alien sensations his mind being washed with waves of pleasure, each one seeding a new thought of sucking off guys, masturbating but as a girl, going shopping, doing her makeup, getting the nerdy boys in class to do her work for her. He began to breathe heavily, and panic more, but with each breath his chest puffed out further and further, his shirt fit to pop. Under the shirt, he could see his nipples poking through, and puffing out. Chelsea let out a startled giggle as Phillips shirt popped out, his buttons pinging on the floor and desks. His hands ripped open the rest of his shirt as he grabbed the bouncy, supple tit-flesh, his delicate hands trying to push them back into his body.

“Chelsea, please, just stop~! I, like, don’t want to be a girl!” his voice almost cried out. His vision of Chelsea was slowly obscured but a tingling feeling in his scalp, which lead to his now fiery red fringe falling down into his face. The rest of his long vibrant red hair, tied itself back into naughty ponytails, typical of any truly slutty schoolgirl. Chelsea responded by whipping out her compact and showing Phillip her boyish face, the shape smoothing, and rounding. His nose growing into a cute lil button, and cheekbones rising. His lips instinctively pursed and swelled up to a perfect pink pout, kissably soft. He cried internally as his eyebrows reddened and slimmed, arching to a seductive shape. He barely noticed his mind being flooded with girly knowledge like how to pleasure herself…and her boyfriends, how to apply makeup, best fashion tips, how to walk in heels, new hobbies like shopping and holidays abroad with her girlfriends. His eyes morphed from afraid to a confident, sexy brown with thick eyelashes. A wave of Euphoria washed over her as….Philipa was no longer upset. She remembered her past life as a disgusting boy, but she gave a grateful smile to Chelsea, her BFF for giving her a helping hand. “Bitch, you might need to cover up. We don’t show those to the boys for free, ya know” Chelsea giggled, whispering and pointing to Philipas exposed chest. “Bitch, thanks~! You wanna ditch class after this and go downtown?” She said tying her shirt into a Daisy Duke style. Philipa was much happier with her new life now. She was popular, had way more friends, the spell had given her the wealthy parents who loved to spoil her just like all the other girls, she was having much more sex with her current boyfriend and most of all, Mrs Greyson’s class was a BREEZE!


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