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Have a Bit of Class! (Request for Roaster)

“Phillip!” A shrill voice sounded, breaking Phillip from his daydream. He hated Mrs Greysons class. She was a stuck up bitch and always called him out for doing even the tiniest thing wrong. He also hated having to sit the class with some of the prettiest but bitchiest girls in the school. They giggled and gossiped away while Mrs Greyson let them get off free as she shouted at the boys in the class. “Sorry Mrs Greyson” He apologised to the sound of giggling from the girls and jeering from the guys, happy that it wasn’t them in her sights for this class. “Phillip, if you can’t keep your pathetic mind focused then you can sit outside, you horrid boy” She scolded turning around to resume scrawling on the board. Chelsea, one of the pretty blonde girls beside him, leaned over, smiling and whispered “Yeah, you Horrid boy! we’re trying to learn!” “Oh fuck off, Chelsea, you bitch. You have it easy because youre a girl!” Phillip whispered back angrily, shocking Chelsea that anyone would dare talk back to her. Her expression turned to anger as she reached into her handbag, pulling out and small notebook and hastily scrawling away. Phillip, content that he had shut her up, went back to looking at the board, hoping Mrs Greyson wouldn’t embarrass him in front of the whole class again. Read more