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Peeping Tom

The steam filled the bathroom as Jamie stepped out of the shower, rolling of his hot, well toned body. He wiped the mirror and checked out his 6ft, chiseled body, drying and spiking up his short blonde hair. “Man…that was a good shower! And Fuck, I look good right after one!” He praised, flexing in the mirror and tossing the towel into the basket. But as he was walking out, something caught his eye. Out the window, he saw his neighbour Lauren in the apartment opposite stepping into her bathroom, stripping the clothes from her tight and petite body. “Holy shit! Lauren is SMOKING! I always knew she was packing something gorgeous under her outfits!” Jamie thought. In a heartbeat, he had hidden himself partially and took full advantage of his and her nudity, stroking his warm, growing member, as Lauren began to turn on the water and step into the shower. Read more

Have a Bit of Class! (Request for Roaster)

“Phillip!” A shrill voice sounded, breaking Phillip from his daydream. He hated Mrs Greysons class. She was a stuck up bitch and always called him out for doing even the tiniest thing wrong. He also hated having to sit the class with some of the prettiest but bitchiest girls in the school. They giggled and gossiped away while Mrs Greyson let them get off free as she shouted at the boys in the class. “Sorry Mrs Greyson” He apologised to the sound of giggling from the girls and jeering from the guys, happy that it wasn’t them in her sights for this class. “Phillip, if you can’t keep your pathetic mind focused then you can sit outside, you horrid boy” She scolded turning around to resume scrawling on the board. Chelsea, one of the pretty blonde girls beside him, leaned over, smiling and whispered “Yeah, you Horrid boy! we’re trying to learn!” “Oh fuck off, Chelsea, you bitch. You have it easy because youre a girl!” Phillip whispered back angrily, shocking Chelsea that anyone would dare talk back to her. Her expression turned to anger as she reached into her handbag, pulling out and small notebook and hastily scrawling away. Phillip, content that he had shut her up, went back to looking at the board, hoping Mrs Greyson wouldn’t embarrass him in front of the whole class again. Read more

Day-Dreaming (Request)

Sammy stirred the soup, somewhat excited, yet apprehensive. It was her boyfriend Rich’s birthday and she was unsure what to get him, he wasn’t the kind of guy to just give out hints. Earlier that day she had ventured downtown perusing market stalls, small shops and vendors to find something he would like. She had spotted a small jar of a sparkling deep purple, and purchased it from the wrinkled but lovely old lady with the description “It will help your dreams become more real”. Sammy knew her BF had some pretty enjoyable dreams, because she could hear him, right beside her, most nights. “Surely he would love this if it makes them better and more intense!” She thought. “Who knows, if it’s that good I might try some…” She popped the cap and took a big pinch of the radiant, sparkling purple powder, it’s shimmer like staring into the universe, and sprinkled it into his bowl of soup, stirring and slipping the little jar back into her jeans pocket. Read more

Moving In!

The large ornate wooden door swung open with a creak and a thud, welcoming the new owner of Sutterley Manor.
“God damn! this place is MASSIVE!” Mark the new owner voice echoed around the dim atrium. A new and extremely cheap listing on the market, anyone would have been out of their mind not to check out such a steal. As he walked around admiring the antiques and paintings all in their original untouched positions on walls, tables and standing against the walls. Mark rubbed his chin, still in awe at how remarkable his luck was. He could spend hours exploring his new home with all its wings, intricacies, and nooks and crannys however the large oak grandfather clock donged, letting the occupant know that it was midnight and time for bed. “Well…I guess I can check out everything else tomorrow. Just a shame I didn’t leave earlier though, took me hours to get here.” Mark thought, going to fetch his bag and wheel it up into the master bedroom. Read more