Day-Dreaming (Request)

Sammy stirred the soup, somewhat excited, yet apprehensive. It was her boyfriend Rich’s birthday and she was unsure what to get him, he wasn’t the kind of guy to just give out hints. Earlier that day she had ventured downtown perusing market stalls, small shops and vendors to find something he would like. She had spotted a small jar of a sparkling deep purple, and purchased it from the wrinkled but lovely old lady with the description “It will help your dreams become more real”. Sammy knew her BF had some pretty enjoyable dreams, because she could hear him, right beside her, most nights. “Surely he would love this if it makes them better and more intense!” She thought. “Who knows, if it’s that good I might try some…” She popped the cap and took a big pinch of the radiant, sparkling purple powder, it’s shimmer like staring into the universe, and sprinkled it into his bowl of soup, stirring and slipping the little jar back into her jeans pocket.

The metallic twist of Rich returning home from work, signalling to Sammy that her love was home as she set the table with his dinner. “Hey baby, how was work?” She hugged him as he wearily hung up his jacket. “Ugh…Same shit, different day, Sam. Is this mine?” He pointed sitting down to the table. “Yeah it is. Happy birthday too! I’ve got your present but you can try it out later” She melodically chimed as Rich put the first spoonful of the soup into his mouth. She went back to the kitchen starting the washing up, humming the cliche birthday tune, as Rich hungrily tucked into the soup. Sam turned round, wondering how long it would take to set in, but raised her eyebrows as she could swear she could see a faint sparkling around Rich. “So umm…honey what did you want for your birthday? Is there anything in particular your dreamed to get?” She inquired, as he stood up. “Well…there ARE a couple things.” Rich pondered, reflecting back on his dreams as he walked to the window. Sammy rubbed her eyes. She could swear his clothes were becoming more and more transparent and she could see his naked body underneath. “Umm” Sammy tried to interupt. “I had this one great dream last night that-” Rich’s body was now naked except for a pair of purple yoga pants that had materialised rather unflatteringly around his male waist. His body had started to creak and crack as his height lessened to what she thought was 5″6″, a small bit shorter than her!

Rich turned round to see Sammy’s horrified face. “What?” he looked at his shorter, almost naked body. “Jesus! What the-Sammy! Did you put something in my soup!?” He shouted. Sammy tried to reply, watching her BF’s shoulders snap inwards and arms slim, hands becoming more dainty. “No! I mean, Yes but…I mean it wasn’t supposed to-You were supposed to be ASLEEP!” His stomach drained and back arched sharply, pushing his butt out and forcing him to grab the windowsill. “Aaagh! S-Sammy! I swear to god! What was it supposed to DO!?” he blurted as his bone structure reformed all over, his hips pushing painfully outwards to wide, child-bearing proportions. “It was supposed to make your dreams better! Like make them more realistic!” Sammy helplessly replied. “It’s making it REAL, Sammy!!” Rich roared, thinking about what his dream was. This only sped up the changes as his thighs thickened and ass filled out, creating a very feminine curve down his back. He grasped the hem of the yoga pants, pulling them just enough to watch his favourite toy, stiffen and twitch, receding back into him, shrinking and reforming. He moaned gripping the pants. Sammy was just able able to see what made her BF great in bed, slurp back inside him, to create a smooth pubic curve. Rich, tried to grab his balls but accidentally helped push them back up into him, helping to complete his womanhood, his scrotum pulling up and splitting to morph and plump into the lips of a vagina. His lithe manicured fingers brushed against his clit, forcing another moan, his mind thinking back to dreams of the woman he desired to be.

Sammy ran to the her handbag, grabbing her mobile phone but was unable to dial for emergency services distracted by the next part of the show. Rich’s well defined chest melted, swelling up like two buns in an oven as they grew with bountiful C cup flesh, his nipples hardening in the cool air and expanding. Rich glanced down and prodded his soft chest, afraid, yet somehow aroused that he now had the things he most enjoyed playing with on Sammy. “Rich! Just STOP thinking about your dream! Or dream of something else! Like Being YOU!” Sammy exclaimed. Rich tried to think about his male form, but his thoughts kept crossing to the other side. Maybe this was who he really is! with that thought, his hair darkened and took on a deep purple colour and began to tumble down his face and breasts in a wavy mess. She flipped it over to one side, flashing memories of spending hours doing her hair zipped across her mind. “I’m t-trying but it’s ea-” Rich choked on his Adams apple as it smoothed, his new higher, more youthful voice answering. “Easier said than done~!” Sammy tried one last time, trying to hold onto her partner, thought part of her grew excited at this twist in their relationship. “THINK ABOUT WHO YOU ARE!” She banged her tiny fist on the counter. In once last attempt, Rich concentrated on who he was…he was a man, he works with computers, he went to college…but didnt he already graduate? He loves Sammy, he loves doing his makeup with her. No, that’s not right.

On the outside, Rich’s clenched face, and gritted teeth, softened, and smoothed. His chin curved and grew smaller, his nose became more petite , makeup appeared on his face, tasting lip gloss on his plumping pink lips. Rachel’s race lost years and years, his eyes now a deep blue framed by dark mascara covered lush lashes. Previously bushy eyelashes faded to pencil thin brows, his gorgeous face now complete. Back inside, Rachel’s mind was busy erasing his past. She never had a penis. She never worked with computers. She was in college and doing a little modelling work on the side. She was SO grateful her older sis Sammy let her stay with her, even when she snuck a guy back to her room late at night. After all, her sister knew she was a little slut~. Sammy felt her head grow hazy, looking at her boyfr-wait, her little sister? looking over at her in a sultry pose.
“Nice pose, Rach. You practicing for your upcoming shoot?” Sammy said. Rachel seductively bit her lip, before laughing and pulling up the hem of her yoga pants. “You got me, Sam!” the 19 year old confessed, bouncing off to her room to get changed. Sammy knew there was something up with Rach, but couldn’t put her finger on it. Part of her just hoped her sister would get the contract and finally be able to move out! But hey, a girl can dream, right?


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