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Where she now is

I didn’t understand. After all, All I wanted was to find out where my highschool sweetheart was. “Why am I looking at this naked guy” I asked myself. Me and Audrey had broken up right after we finish highschool. We kept in touch for acouple of months. But eventually we lost contact. Read more


“Embrace your newfound femininity, Jeff, or should I call you Jennifer now? You’re a lovely beautiful redhead now, and the gypsy is not changing you back. You called her a skanky Romanian, so she sought revenge on you with your Irish background, making you an Irish lass with a craving for a big strong Irishman. Let’s just find you that Irishman at O’Hare’s Pub, and perhaps I can find a strapping hunk there as well,” said Lana Leighton to her new female friend and former boyfriend.

Demon Puberty V

Previous Chapters (and mini-summaries):
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(I turned into a succubus that eats manhood, turning victims to girls)
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(I went to school hungry, ate my econ teacher, and my body changed more)
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(I turned into my own harem and had an orgy with 5 new victims)
4: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26743
(A bi partner turns me into a dickgirl and I blow him, then tear her up) Read more

The Fate of Ser Ferentus the Fierce

Long ago, in some far away medieval land, Ser Ferentus the Fierce was a violent knight of the realm, who had conquered much of the land for the King, and enslaved many an enemy soldier or peasant and damned them to a life of slavery and serfdom. The enemy forces were at a loss for what to do. They couldn’t oppose the barbaric knight; for he was like an army by himself. Nor could they compromise with the warrior, for he was a devout loyalist for the king. At a loss for options, they consulted the great sorcerer Derius, to take down this monstrous knight.
Derius spent weeks learning about Ser Ferentus, and discovered that the knight had a fat al weakness: women. The man frequented many whorehouses, spending many hours of the day with the most beautiful of courtesans, and Derius decided that this would be how he destroy Ser Ferentus the Fierce.
Derius disguised himself as a woman, and when Ferentus next visited the whorehouse after a great and savage battle, he instantly fell in love with the transformed Derius. Derius had become everything he ever desired in a woman; a beautiful slutty redhead who could make men erect with a mere glance. Ferentus knew he must have her, and ‘seduced’ the arcane sorcerer that night, wooing Derius until he could have sex with the lustrous maiden.
After they had done the act, Ferentus stood up, and began donning his armour once more, while Derius stood up, smiling, and kissed the knights chest. However, that kiss was not as innocent as iyt seemed. In a mere instant, everything changed. Derius became male, wearing the garb of a military commander, replacing the position that Ferentus had once had. While Ferentus became a nlithe and beautiful maiden, one that would only crave one thing- a man’s big, bulging cock! As Derius drew his head away from her teats, smiling, Ferentus’ mouth opened in a wide ‘O’ shape, utterly shocked, and as if by instinct, covered her breasts.
“What hast thou done to me, knave!” The once masculine knight cried, covering her new breasts, “I be a strumpet!”
“Yes. Thou art a strumpet; the one that thou lust desired!” The sorcerer chuckled, leaving the sobbing warrior to his fate.
Over the next few months, the Resistance took many a stronghold from the King, his knights and forces no longer as effective as before, especially with Derius in command. While the maiden that was once Ser Ferentus the Fierce accepted her new role, growing to love the feelings of womanhood, and the maiden was just as ferious with the men she would have once called the enemy as the warrior would have been on the battlefield…

The Red Corset

Roger was at a costume shop looking for a costume for the Fancy dress party that night. His friends said they were going to go as pirates so he was looking through the old style clothes, and a red corset caught his eye. Staring at the frills and caressing the silk he embarrassed himself and looked round to make sure no one was looking at him and might think he is a pervert. He grabbed the other costumes he was going to try on and went to the changing room. When he got inside he found that a pirate hook was tangled in the laces of the corset. “Hope no one saw me dragging that in here” he muttered to himself. He resisted the urge to try it on as he probably would look very silly in drag and it was much too small for him. But just after taking off his clothes he found himself caressing the corset again and without thinking he put it round his body, the corset suddenly snapped shut closing all the metal hooks and eyes at the front, and the laces at the back started tightening squeezing his torso. He could not breath or scream terrified that this cursed object was going to kill him. But slowly he started to gasp some small breaths. He looked in the mirror, he seemed to be shrinking, his hand and arms had not been this small and skinny since he was 14 and all the body hair was falling out. Then he saw his beard fall out revealing a small delicate chin with plump little red lips, while his receding scalp hear grew thick and long then turn scarlet matching the bodice and twisted itself into a decorative style. Finally his manhood painfully shrunk and retracted into a slit. he gasped finally able to breath somewhat if only in short breaths. Roger looked down and saw some breasts squeezed in the corset as he touched them it felt so sensual, and clenched his legs against hi tingling crotch, smooth hairless shapely legs. Read more

The buffet of life: NatalieAmore’s serving

**This is the first of what I’m hoping to turn into a serial request series, so please read the first chapter and comment if you have anything you would like to have written. The tag for this series is going to be #BOL series** Read more

Who Sean was Always Meant to Be

Sean was not your typical young man. Yes, he appeared to be just another ordinary young office worker in his twenties, just out of college. But secretly, the young man was someone else. In his heart, he had always been a beautiful woman. He had often thought to himself how different things would have been if he’d just been born a woman, how wonderful life would have been if he hadn’t been born with two X chromosomes instead of that stupid Y, but knew that he could never do anything about it. Sean was too scared of surgery, or of truly expressing who he was to his friends and family. So he maintained this masculine exterior, pretending that he was content with his life as it was, but he wasn’t.
it was late, and Sean had just been through a long and stressful day at work. He had been forced to stay after hours and finish off some work, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Sean’s roommate, Drew, had discovered his secret! Drew had been on Sean’s laptop and discovered all of his captions, his videos, his fiction, everything! He had left Sean a stupid, degrading wall of text messages, and Sean wasn’t sure what to do, so he just stayed in the shelter of his office, not wanting to go home and face his roommate.
Sean was just browsing, bored and with nothing to do but sulk, until he came across that webpage. The title read: “Become a God!” and Sean had clicked it, curious as to what it was talking about. he was never really that religious, but had been interested in the New Age religions that had sprung up over the last decade, and felt that he needed some guidance as to what he should do now that his life was over, at least in terms of his friends and family. The website’s description said:
“Hello and welcome to ‘Become a God!’, the program that allows you to bend the walls of reality to your will. Our software is scattered across the various internets of the multiverse, and we have determined that you are worthy of having your deepest desires be fulfilled. Write whatever you want to happen in the box below, and your reality will be changed to accompany your wishes, new God/Goddess!
Hekate, Reality 630.”
Sean looked at it smugly. No way this was real, he thought to himself smugly, but decided to input a command anyway.
“Drew does not know about my secret.”
And he pressed enter.
Suddenly, his phone buzzed, and he turned it on to see a text from Drew. “Hey, man, wanna catch a movie later?”
“What the fuck…” Sean managed, dumbfounded, seeing that the angry texts that Drew had sent were all gone. “This has to be some kind of joke!” Sean said, staring at the phone with shock. He rushed to it again, and decided to wish for what his heart truly desired.
“I am the beautiful woman who I was always meant to be.”
He pressed enter again.
Everything changed, and in seconds, Sean was a beautiful redhead, built to be a model or a pornstar, with the kind of figure and features that men would go mad over.
“Holy shit!” Sean said, with amazement and a sense of happiness, “Its real! Its really real!”
Sean smiled, looking at his new body and its reflection with his phone. “Guess Sean doesn’t really suit me anymore. Oh well, Sharon sounds nice.”
Sharon grabbed her tits, feeling pleasure, and her hands wandered down towards her pussy.
“Oh yes! Oh God yes!” She moaned, pleasure encompassing her body.
After her first orgasm was complete, Sharon sighed, but knew that it wouldn’t be able to compete with the real thing. Sharon had a couple of ideas for what she wanted to happen next. She hurriedly typed something up on the website.
“Drew is here, giving me a facial.”
Suddenly, a naked Drew was in front of her, cock fully erect, while he was jerking off.
Sharon opened her mouth, and tasted the cum as it flew at her with enjoyment.
“Wha-?” Drew managed, unaware of how he got there in the first place.
“Shhh… you know what happens now, baby…”
Drew would fuck her, but Sharon had a few more ideas as to what would happen to Drew. He had been a dick, and hurt her feelings so much. So, for being such an evil dick, maybe she would have to remove Drew’s dick as well…

Wish on a Whim

Drunk and crazy one night looking up porn with red heads, Terrence passingly wished he was a slutty red head himself, curious how it was on their side. He was stunned and soon very sober, as he was on his knees feeling different, while a man emptied his cum with his huge dick into Terrence’s mouth! He was a she and she got her first taste of cum right from the start. Read more