A near miss

John jumped a little as he felt the warm cum splatter against his back.

“Hey! Watch it, asshole!” said John angrily.

“What? I pulled out in time,” said Rick with a smile.

Both guys knew that if Rick ejaculated into John’s body the change would be permanent. The friends had found the magic book together and used it fulfill their wildest fantasies, using the spells within it to take turns changing into each others dream woman. After several rounds of sex, it was Rick who suggested they try it without protection, promising to pull out before it was too late. John didn’t want to admit it, but the sex was very good. And the thought of trying it bareback was even more enticing.

But as he carefully wiped the cum off his body he began to regret his decision.

Rick felt himself getting hard again just watching John clean herself. Damn she was hot, with that perfect round ass. He was really going to miss it. He kind of wished John would stay like that. I mean, he did really seem to like the sex.

“I’m sorry, baby. Let me make it up to you. I have a new position I want to try. I think you will like it,” said Rick.

John was still pissed, but Rick had proved himself to be an excellent lover. The thought of a new sexual adventure with him was very appealing.

“Fine. But don’t get any cum on me this time,” said John. “And don’t call me ‘baby’. It’s weird.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t. I promise, “said Rick with a Cheshire grin as he geared up for another round of sex, hopefully the first of many more.


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