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my best friend and I both got transferred to a new private school. the reasoning was because he and I were huge troublemakers, everywhere we went there would be something new, and our parents were fed up.
They decided to send us to a so-called reforming school.
But still this didn’t change anything, we had been sent to these types of places and we didn’t plan on changing anything.
The first day was like any other, we behaved doing nothing wrong and generally being good students, we would keep it up for a while maybe giving people some false hope that we had changed, but that was what we wanted, we loved false hope and lies, it made us feel powerful.
That first day was strange in three ways.
One, as far as we could tell me and him were the only boys in the entire school, we actually thought that it was a mistake because we were sent to a woman’s only school. But we were assured that we had the right place.
the only other man was the principle. Read more

I Can’t Go Back

I was always jealous of others. Wether it was for their smarts or sporting talents, I always was. I was especially jealous of people’s siblings. I’d never really got to relate to my sister while others had great siblings and they were like two peas in a pod.
I was chatting it through with a counsellor when the counselled adjusted her glasses and announced that maybe it would be easier if we were both the same gender. I agreed that it probably would be easier if we were the same gender. I mean if she were a boy we could talk about anything. Then the counsellor clicked her manicured fingers.
I felt myself shrink in my seat. I could feel body hair be ripped from me. Long blonde hair rapidly grew and framed my face which I could feel changing. Breasts swelled and my ass pillowed. My hips became much wider. My arms and legs grew slender and my hands were feminine. Then I felt it retract, I was a girl.
The counsellor announced we were both now the same gender. Everyone knew me is Tara and at home I would find all my male possessions to be gone. I would have a wardrobe full of girls clothes and shoes. Make up was in rich abundance.
I was somewhat confused. I really wanted a sibling but I didn’t want to trade my manhood for it. I walked out deciding that I could at least give it a try.
I got home to find that I was well known as Tara. My sister greeted me with a, “hey Tara” and slapped my girly ass. I giggled and kept on walking. Was it wrong to have lesbian thoughts about your own sister?
I found that my wardrobe was packed with skirts, dresses, pantyhose, lingerie, heels, boots and much more. Not to mention the make up.
Time passed, and adjusting wasn’t easy. I couldn’t tell anyone of my predicament. Of course my counsellor knew but she wasn’t much help. I really needed a girl to tell me how to do things. It wasn’t easy learning to do make up or remembering to sit when I urinate every single time. Not to mention the pain high heels give me. But eventually, I adjusted.
My relationship with my sister was great. We always went shopping and read all the gossip magazines. We new each other inside and out.
Today, I went back to the counsellor. She wanted to know if I wanted to change back. I said no. She tried to make me consider all variables like periods and stuff but it wasn’t changing it. I’m Tara now, I’m a girl. I love skirts, gossip and high heels not to mention my wonderful boyfriend. I can’t go back.

Welcome to the Girl’s School

The girls wasted no time welcoming Tim to the all girl’s school, after he kept making fun of them and their uniforms. They lifted his new skirt to reveal his new plumbing for examination making sure the changes fully occurred and showing him it was for real. He was a she, and she was a student now at the all girl’s school. Now he was that which he made fun of uniform and all. Just wait until they tell him initiation to their sisterhood meant blowing three guys while in the uniform, and that the change was permanent!

Look at him

Look at him enjoying himself…ever since my husband messed with one of his students, her mother turned him into a teenage girl. But she gave me the option of having some changes to myself, and I decided to ask her to turn me into a boy in my husband’s class.
I loved seeing him all shy, hating his new body, trying to get away but being unable to resist me.
Now he’s acting like a teenager in love, he doesn’t even know it’s his wife in a boy body seducing him.
I’ll wait, as soon as he cums I’ll pump him full of semen and whisper in his ear “you make a better girl than a man hubby, you’ll make a great mother”

F is for… Fuck

The teacher’s pointer hovered over the next letter in the sequence.
“F is for…”
“Fuck”, replied the enthusiastic student.
The teacher gave a glare towards her student, “Now Miss Byrd, I think you fail to understand what this activity entails,” directed the teacher.
“Now C is for Miss Byrd…”
“Cumshot,” chirped the student with an eager response.
“Miss Byrd what kind of game are you playing here, I can tell you now that if you are trying to be funny it’s not working my dear and it’s time to revert to the original task. And that eager task is of course naming parts of the female anatomy to help you learn about your new changes. Do you understand Miss Byrd?” Quizzed the teacher.
“Understand as clear as mud.” Read more

Daddy’s Girl, Part 2

A skirt, a blouse, tigh-high socks. Sexy, yet mock-innocent school girl. Of all the outfits she had worn, that was the one her Daddy had had the hardest time ignoring. So that was the right outfit. No panties, no bra. If everything went according to plan, she wouldn’t need that. Read more

Girl’s dormitory

David and his sister Gina attended a private boarding school. Each day after dinner, they walked toward the dormitory buildings and then had to turn and go separate ways: she to her dorm, and he to his. Read more

Girl’s School

Rose Hill High School was one of the worst in it’s state. Then with the appointment of a new headmaster a solution was reached. The school’s radical solution was to become an all-girls school. This caused controversy of cause but it later died down when the new headmaster revealed that he was a wizard. This meant that the boys of Rose Hill could simply be transformed to become females and fit into the school structure. Most of the boys were originally quite upset but they later fell in love with their new forms and thought the headmaster was a saint.

Daddy’s Girl, Part 2

A skirt, a blouse, tigh-high socks. Sexy, yet mock-innocent school girl. Of all the outfits she had worn, that was the one her Daddy had had the hardest time ignoring. So that was the right outfit. No panties, no bra. If everything went according to plan, she wouldn’t need that. Read more