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The prank of all pranks. He has no idea. The more and more he drains the flavour from the lollipop the more and more his masculinity drains. He’s becoming a woman. He won’t know who he is. He’ll just be one perfectly busty cock-sucking absent minded woman. Oh look at him, or should I say her? She’s turning out so well. I almost want to have a lollipop myself.

Out Into the World

Jeff managed to escape the lab that changed him into a curvy busty blonde bombshell, and now he’s walking the streets wondering what to do next and who would even believe it was him? He looked totally different, and nothing like a man at all. Read more

Make a Wife

“Dude, seriously?” my best friend asked, peeking his (now her) head out of the bathroom. “Did you have to use your change-water device to change me into a woman? And a busty one too? C’mon, change me back.”
“Nah, sorry,” I told her with a shrug. “I like you like this.”
“Come on, this isn’t funny! Change me back!” she moaned.
“I told you: no,” I said. “You know I don’t have the easiest time with the ladies. Well, why waste time finding a wife, when my device could make one?”
“Ew!” she shouted, before slamming the bathroom door shut. “Why the fuck would I ever be your wife?!”
“Just wait until the mental changes sink in.”
“What? Honey, what mental changes?” she said. I smirked.
“Oh, you’ll see,” I said. “Can I come in?” Silence. Maybe she hadn’t changed completely yet.
“Sure, just let me wrap a towel on,” she said. It worked! I opened the bathroom door and looked in.
There she was, a towel wrapped around her head, her massive breasts exposed, her nipples hard in the cold air. “Well baby, are you going to just stare at them, or are we going to have some fun?”

Mixed Drink

I swirled the girly drink in my glass. It smelled like strawberries, and so did I. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for myself but my good friend Geoff needed a hot date for the night. Read more

Not sure I can continue like this

My girlfriend used to be a shy geeky girl. That was before the Blue Orb happened.
I myself didn’t get many changes. I became a bit older, maybe a little smarter I think. Some of my habits changed: I didn’t like coffee anymore. Not so tough on me, right? Read more

He Wouldn’t

I woke up, feeling perhaps a little grogginess than I was expecting to. I had just spent the night as a woman, thanks to the remote that David had bought this week. Read more

The Psychiatrist

My wife left me earlier this week. To cope, I had to take on more clients at my psychiatry practice. I figured sorting out other people’s problems would help me adjust to my own. Read more

The Choice, Part 4

I shook my head violently. “No way! Those options are awful! You’re trying to manipulate me, turning me into a full woman, aren’t you?” I glared daggers at Jack, who had locked himself in this nightclub bathroom with me. Read more

The Final Choice

Last choice? I don’t even remember making any other choices. I remember that Jack turned me into a girl using the remote, promised me it would only be a week, but then we got ready for this club and I was just so into it. I got all sexed up, danced with strangers, and then made love with Jack here in this bathroom. I remember all of that, but… when did I make any choices? Read more

Master PC: Eastern Sensibilities

Kevin was impressed with his first outing of the new device. He transformed a random patron at a coffee shop into a brain dead fuck bunny. Now, its limits in mind, Kevin wanted to try something a little more interesting with the remote. He left the coffee shop, its patrons none the wiser to the dramatic change in their reality. He hailed a cab and set off for his job at the hospital. He wasn’t anyone important, no doctor, not even a nurse. No, he was an orderly. Just wheeling people around. So as he punched in he noticed Ollie, the large black orderly he became friends with on the job. They’d frequently go out drinking and such, but Ollie had recently picked up a Nurse that Kevin had told him he had eyes for. This upset Kevin and he’d been waiting to get his revenge. So, nearly without hesitation, Kevin locked onto Ollie with the device and began scheming. He wanted this to be slow and dramatic.
“Hey Ollie!” Kevin shouted.
“Hey! What’s good my dude?” Ollie replied, not an ounce of remorse for his betrayal.
“Nothing much, just wanted to show you something.” Kevin said with a smile, holding up the remote like a tantalizing treat.
“What is that thing?” Ollie inquired, drawn in by its mystery.
“This is my revenge you bastard.” Kevin smiled pressing a button. Suddenly Ollie’s frame began to shift, he started to lose muscle mass and fat as he became skinny and atrophied. His frame shrinking to the point of looking downright feminine, narrow shoulders, rounded hips, tight waistline and smooth, undefined limbs and neck.
“What the fuck Kevin?” Ollie asked in a now much higher, but still male voice. Like a young nerdy boys voice. He threw his hands to his mouth in shock. “I sound like a wimpy bitch.
“Sure do! That’s because you are a wimpy bitch.” Kevin laughed.
“What the hell man?” Ollie asked as Kevin pressed another button. “I thought we were bros. How the hell are you doing this?” Suddenly he felt his body change dramatically. His hips widening and his waist narrowing. His hands began to shrink and his thighs began to fill out. Fat began to build up in distinctly feminine areas giving him nice soft curves all over his body culminating in his chest beginning to billow outwards. “What the fuck dude! I’m… I have…” His voice changing to a more and more feminine one with each passing word. “Boobs!”
“Yep, very normal for a girl your age.” Kevin pressed another button causing Ollie’s eyes to flutter. “Right Olivia?”
“What? I’m not a… wait… my head. Oh right yeah. Silly me.” She laughed as her penis became a vagina without her even noticing. “That was a weird thing to say.”
“Now where were we?” Kevin asked himself pouring over the menu on the device. “IQ, maybe not yet. Age, 23. Okay. Sex: Female. Okay. Race! There it is. Not black anymore. Let’s try Asian.”
“What now?” Olivia said as her hair straightened and became reddish brown from its once proud curly black hair. Her skin began to lighten taking on a pinkish glow as it became pale and white. Her face then changed. Her lips thinned slightly and her nose shrank as her face then rounded out and her chin became less pronounced. Her eyes were last to change shrinking and reforming into the tell tale shape of a Japanese girl. Kevin entered an amendment to the name setting.
“So, Sakura, how are you feeling?” Kevin asked, priming the Libido function to be set from the average of 5 to a full blown 10.
“I’m feeling a little weird, like something is wroooooh!” She began sweating and growing red as her sex drive kicked into high gear. Her scrubs grew damp near her sex and he nipples, uncovered by a bra, began to poke through the scrubs as well.
“Oh?” Kevin sneered. “Are you okay?” He asked, setting the IQ to 85.
“Yes. I’m f-fine. Just a little on…” She moaned. “On edge.” Suddenly her eyes fluttered as her brain began to dwindle.
“I’m just curious.” Kevin began playing with her biography settings. “Because you’re so new to this country and all, I want to make sure you’re adjusting.”
“What? No. Me from Amereeca. What? No why Sakura tark rike dis? Me no Japanese. Me… me… Me doing rearry well. Arigato meester Kevin.” She giggles. “You are so nice to Sakura chan. Me want to make you feer happy for you herping Sakura chan.” She giggles again.
“Of course Sakura, I’d love to have you thank me.” He said clicking the final button to input a bunch of knowledge on how to please the male genitalia from her prior experience as an escort. She giggles before taking his hand and bringing him into a supply closet.