Golden Chalice or Golden Blonde?

When Darren broke into the temple in one of his expeditions, he found a strange golden chalice. When he touched it, it spoke, saying he could keep the Chalice for gold riches, or leave it, and be rewarded with another kind of gold riches. Darren decided he would leave it, as he feared taking it might lead to a trap. After all nothing bad happened all those thousands of years it was buried in the ancient tomb. Leaving it there might be best, especially since it spoke to him!

He told it that he would go, and it said he would receive his reward for making the right choice, no longer in a position to be breaking into tombs, but finding a happy life in other matters. A confused Darren blacked out. When he came to, he was at home, in his bedroom, though it was a bit different. He was feeling strange, yet good in a sort of weird way, and was staring at his cellphone. He read a text on it. Somehow, the Chalice formed a link with the newly changed woman through magic.

The text read: This is your reward, Darren Jenkins. You are no longer Darren, you are Dana Jenkins, 18 years of age, with a perfect female body, and your riches in gold? Your lovely golden hair, and a rich new life as a beautiful young woman, a young woman who will free me from this Chalice once you have a child, and I am born as that child. You will find you are more interested in other matters now, instead of disturbing tombs, but I am glad you did this one, so I can finally be free from that Chalice after all these centuries. Before you I was trapped, alone, and asleep, well mostly, dreaming on occasion, but stuck as an object sealed off from the world. Now I can be free again. I will come back as your child when the time is right, no pressure on that.

Darren now Dana, texted back: This is so weird, but I feel so good too. I can’t believe I’m a girl now. I have all these new feelings, emotions, coursing through me, and these curves, this silken hair, soft skin, these breasts oh my goodness, it all feels so divinely exquisite. I mean I’m in shock, but at the same time in bliss, it’s hard to explain. It’s like I’m here but my mind is different at the same time, it’s me, but a new me, a different side of me. I definitely not be excavating tombs now. I almost have to thank you. Hold on a second….

Dana bounced up and down on her bed, then got back to the texting: Ok, wow that was fun. So I have to have a child so you can be free? Can I pick the sex? I want a girl. I love being a girl so much now the more the time goes on here, I think you should experience it too, or were you already a girl before?

The chalice texted back: I was a man, a leader before this… I do not know about being a member of the fairer sex, however I did it to you so you could bear me into the world again as a human. I made it so you would be accepting of your fate, and you are.

Dana texted: Oh come on, this is great. You’ll love it, and I can share my experiences with you as you grow up.

The chalice sent one more text: Fine, fine, I can make it so that happens. I just hope men aren’t like they were in my time, they were not always great to women as you probably well know in history.

Dana texted: No worries, women are treated better now, though not always, but better than your time, whenever that is. I didn’t have time to date the tomb.

It didn’t take the new Dana long to get a date, then more dates, and finally get pregnant from her best buddy Chad. Once he found out she was pregnant though, he thought she was trapping him into a marriage and relationship, so he left her. Dana was a single mom, but that didn’t stop her, and she was glad to free the soul from the Chalice, now her lovely young daughter Chalicia.

When her daughter was old enough to speak she did mention, “This is not so bad Mommy. I like being a girl and your daughter and more importantly free. Why Chalicia though? Because I was a Chalice for so long. Very bad creativity Mommy.”

“Young lady, you’ll like the name I gave you, I’m your mother,” said Dana.

“Yes Mom,” said an obedient loving daughter.


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