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Collateral Damage pt. 1

Bill rushed out of the bathroom to answer the door. He had heard his phone ring earlier while he was on the shitter, and of course once he got close to finishing up somebody knocked on the door. He opened it to see a gorgeous girl in a necklace and one-piece bathing suit staring at him. Read more

Grocery Spell

“The food behind you is oh so fruity, but now you’re more special, you’re a busty babe with a nice big booty,” said Jeff to his friend Ned. Read more

I wish he would last longer in bed…

Aaron’s great-grandmother, his only living relative, had just died, and in her will, she’d left him what was described as a “genuine” Genie’s Lamp, one that had been in the family for generations. Aaron had thought little of the thing. It was a corny reminder of his past, and what Aaron wanted was to start anew. he kept the lamp locked away for moths, leaving the stupid thing alone and forgetting about it, not even remotely curious as to whether or not it was a real Genie’s Lamp.
One day, Aaron and his girlfriend Sarah had an amazing lovemaking experience, one that was unlike anything Aaron had ever felt before. However, this experience was cut short, as usual, by Aaron, who came early (yet again). Sarah sighed, as her boyfriend slept. She was so sick of it. never feeling satisfied by her lover. Aaron was handsome, but he just didn’t last that long. Bored, Sarah went off to make herself something to eat, which is when she discovered the magical genie’s Lamp. Aaron had tucked it away in one of his drawers in the apartment, and forgotten about it. Sarah, still bored, picked up the Lamp, and stroked it, joking to herself about being Aladdin, while making a wish:
“I wish Aaron would last longer in bed!”
Unfortunately for the two of them, her wish was granted, but not in the manner that she had expected. Aaron got out of bed, yawning, and walked over to Sarah, shirtless and in jeans.
“Hey, babe, sorry about last night- oh, you found that silly Lamp? My dead great-grandma left it for me in her will. Said it was genuine, but its clearly just some gimmick or-“
Aaron’s body was instantaneously transformed, his rugged features altering until he was a petite brunette girl, still wearing the same clothes as before.
Sarah let out a scream of shock and dropped the Lamp, while Aaron looked at her confused, and asked, smiling, “What?”
“Breasts- HOLY SHIT!” Aaron cried out, a hand covering his breasts in a ‘handbra’, while his other hand held up his jeans. “It was real! It was fucking real!” Aaron said, stunned and scared, but with some feelings of lust creeping into his mind.
“I don’t understand… I just wished that you would last longer in bed…”
“Wish for it to change me back!” He sobbed with his new high-pitched voice, “Wish for it to change me back!”
Sarah tried to replicate what she had done, whispering, “I wish Aaron was a man.” But nothing happened. The Genie’s Lamp had gone, all of its wishes used up by its various owners over the years. Aaron’s great-grandmother had intended that he use the final wish in some way good for himself, such as through wishing for the love of his life, or for riches, but instead, his girlfriend had accidentally transformed him into a girl! At first, Aaron struggled with his newfound femininity, and searched for a way to change back, but Sarah was there with him every part of the journey, helping him adjust to his new life as a woman. Soon, Aaron stopped caring- being a woman wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would have been, and the sex with Sarah had become much better now that he could actually outlast her.

Golden Chalice or Golden Blonde?

When Darren broke into the temple in one of his expeditions, he found a strange golden chalice. When he touched it, it spoke, saying he could keep the Chalice for gold riches, or leave it, and be rewarded with another kind of gold riches. Darren decided he would leave it, as he feared taking it might lead to a trap. After all nothing bad happened all those thousands of years it was buried in the ancient tomb. Leaving it there might be best, especially since it spoke to him! Read more

Ultimate App: Always ask for permission

Nathan and Tina, boyfriend and girlfriend, had already played around a bit with the Ultimate App, a phone application that will let you change anything about you, ranging from the size of your foot to your preferred choice of candy.
It had been harmless fun and Nathan began to realise what power he wielded in that little phone. Read more

Miss Understood

The medieval fantasy show was in town, and Perry asked if he could ride the white horse, and the hard of hearing old magician thought he asked if he could ride a man in white hose. Suddenly Perry was sitting back at home in a pink sweater, a hiked up white skirt, white pantyhose, and pink flats, with tiny pert boobs, long blonde hair, plenty of makeup, and a pussy, staring at a big strong man dressed as a knight. Read more

Costume Gun: Enlightenment

I was licking my girlfriend I was thinking I was doing a good job. She was silent but she used to do that. Once she told me she was quiet just so she could concentrate on the pleasure.
So I was mildly suprised when she told me to stop it.
“Stop. Stop! Cut it out! *sigh* This isn´t working”, Amanda said and pushed away my head from her groin. Read more

A new relationship

Chris was my best friend growing up, but when I told him I was a transgender woman, he-like many friends, disappeared from my life. But I was set on finding my happiness. Read more

All Deals Come With Unintended Consequences

She gets college credit, I get a bump into upper management. My firm required “Diversity Certification” to make Partner; a new credential that says one lived as an ‘underrepresented’ group for 12 months. Being your average white male, the only way for me to get that little piece of paper would be to switch lives with someone else. Initially quite hesitant, my wife soon threw away her reluctance after she saw the salary of Partner at my firm. Read more