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Insulting the Flight Attendant

After calling the flight attendant a bitch for giving him warm beer, Ted would find he would be in a for a different ride this flight. She had newly acquired magic powers and was dying to try them out on someone. She turned Tad into a woman instantly and his smile from the insult quickly faded once he realized he had boobs, long blue fingernails, long hair, and a different feeling groin area. Read more

Not All He Was Thinking

As Jeff’s wife walked out the door, after magically changing him into a woman, he zipped up his new latex tank, after all his boobs were exposed now. Jeff’s wife Linda smiled as she closed the door behind her, the latest chapter in her life over, and a new one beginning as a single woman. As for Jeff, his life would begin a new chapter as a single woman as well, thanks to Linda’s wrath. Read more

Your Either With Us or With Us

Jack, Tim, and Georgio, said that either Clarence was with them or with them. Clarence didn’t understand that reference, wouldn’t he not be with them if he decided to not be? That made no sense, but soon it would. Jack explained he meant that if Clarence wasn’t with them in the business, a rather shady one in fact, then he would be with them anyway, still serving them in “some” regard. Read more

Beside Himself

Jeff was so full of himself and self centered, the old woman at the carnival could see right through him. She thought the world would be better served if this guy was taught a lesson in humility. Read more

Drunken Sam

Drunken Sam closed his eyes and licked his lips thinking he was hallucinating being a busty blonde woman, but it was in fact real, he was just too drunk to think straight at all. When his friend Tim asked for a blowjob upstairs, Sam even agreed, thinking this was just some sort of dream from the alcohol. Once the alcohol wore off however, and Sam had a nasty taste in his mouth, a guy walked into the bedroom he was now alone in. Read more

Wearing the Lust

Tad used the medallion to change into a super sexy babe just for his friend Nathan, since Nathan had not been laid in ages. The deal was that Nathan would return the favor later. Nathan knew that the medallion’s changes would be permanent when someone came in contact with sexual fluids, and Tad would be no exception to that rule. Tad didn’t know this was the case, and in his new body he was super attracted to Nathan, and received his lustful sperm willingly acting a bit slutty in the process. Read more


Harry made a passing wish into a quarter operated wish machine outside his local shopping mart. It was a new machine, and look strangely enticing. Harry being single and having a thing for businesswomen, made a passing wish just to test this machine validity. Read more

Chandra Chillaxes

Chad was wore out from work, and just wanted to chill and relax. His roommate had other plans however, experimenting with a spell book. As Chad sat on his favorite chair and watched TV, he found himself feeling strange to say the least. Gazing down at himself he seen why. He now had a soft petite body with all the right curves, and ample budding breasts. All of which was covered by a short sexy little black dress, flesh tone hose, and super high black shiny heels. Read more

Slut Transfer Complete

Hannah said she would get revenge on Ted and take his life, and she did it. When he entered her body he heard a machine say that the slut transfer was complete. He darted up an seen he had boobs and a pussy, and long hair, and gazing at the mirror, he no she was now Hannah! Before he could even scream, Hannah’s boy toys entered the room, all twelve of them, naked and ready for action. Finally new Hannah screamed as the dudes approached, half scared and half aroused!

Prosti Tutor

Preston was supposed to be Jeff’s tutor for his math class, but Jeff had other plans for him. Jeff had a special spell in mind to become Preston’s tutor instead. Read more