Just a Taste

Kevin said on a hiking trip with his buddy Percy that he wanted if not much, then a taste of what it was like to be a well hung stud. Kevin was small in that department, and wondered often what it would be like if he were a real “well hung” male in sex. They reached an odd stone with a strange language, and as Kevin touched it, there was a glow.

The stone then revealed a voice, “A taste of a well hung stud you will have.”

Suddenly Keven found he was on his back at Percy’s house, his eyes closed, feeling different, smaller and softer, and before he even opened his eyes, he felt, smelled, and tasted Percy’s hot cum spread out onto his tongue.

“How’s that Kendra? You said you wanted a taste of a well hung stud, well I’m your man. I think this is the ‘cumming’ of a wonderful relationship, don’t you? Oh don’t tell me that doesn’t taste good little slut,” said Percy smiling.

Kevin, apparently now Kendra, got up quickly in shock, Percy’s dick slapping her no the face as she got up from the bed, and seen her reflection in Percy’s bedroom mirror. She was a skinny brunette with cute breasts and well trimmed pubes above a narrow opening between her now smooth legs. Cum was dripping from her fuller lips, as she started in horror. She knew then and there, that the odd stone in the woods must have twisted or misunderstood his wish, and instead of a taste of being a well hung stud, he got a taste of cum from a well hung stud, and in this case it was his friend Percy.

Percy seemed to not know a Kevin, only Kendra his newest prospect. Kendra decided to play long until she could get back to that stone and sort things out. She found it strange dressing in bikini style silky panties, tight short denim shorts, and a tight tank and bra, her breasts pushing outward showing her new found womanhood. The sandals were comfortable, but definitely feminine looking, but she had to get herself back to that stone, not worrying about what she was wearing to get there.

Her boobs bounced somewhat in her hurry to get to the stone, while her hair occasionally got in her face, and the empty feeling between he legs as they moved was odd too. Once there the stone crumbled as she touched it. What she didn’t know was that the stone would not grant the same person another wish, but would only stay intact for another person. She assumed the stone was done with it’s wishing granting, and was destroyed. She left in tears, as the stone reassembled itself, not to her knowledge however. If only she knew another could wish her back, she could have had anyone fix what had happened, but she did not know that strange language on it, and never would.

Kendra resided to being Percy’s new girlfriend, realizing reality had been changed, and everyone now knew only Kendra. They were friends before this, so why not be after. She often times had to push away his advances, however, but soon her new desires would make her become much easier to accept those advances. She would adjust after awhile, being Percy’s girlfriend, and eventually fiancée and wife. Perhaps her not changing back was the best, as she after a long time, became much happier as a woman, and even happier as a mom later down the road. Every once in awhile however, she would ask for a taste of a hot stud, her husband Percy.


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