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Seat Down

I would never learn. I, like many men would never ever put the toilet seat down. It drove my female roommate mad. Technology is a funny thing that is growing rapidly in an exponential fashion. A small device has been designed which could alter reality. My roommate had one. She felt it quite fitting I became a woman for a month so I could finally leave the seat down. Read more


I hesitated at first. I was unsure. I didn’t know if it was for me. I don’t know why I did. It was so simple if I didn’t like it I changed back. I later enrolled at the last minute.
Arrival was simple. You walked in the gate male and once past the gate you were female. You walked through the gate with your bag too. All your clothes became feminine counterparts. I walked to my room excitedly. I could feel the jiggling of my breasts and the space between my legs and I couldn’t wait to explore.
I soon got to my room. I stripped naked and spent what must of been ages simply admiring myself. Breasts, a vagina, a soft ass. All things I’d never had before. I go through the bag I brought. It was full of make up, panties, heels, skirts, bras, dresses and perfumes. It was a completely different life.
Class began and some of it was normal. Maths, science, history however some was different. We had classes on womanhood. I loved the classes. They taught me to sit like a lady, apply make up, do my hair and sit to pee. I relished everyday. I constantly adjusted my hair and experimented with different shades of make up. I loved it.
At the end of the year, I had the choice. Male or female. It was easy. Female. I couldn’t say good bye. I loved the comfort of pantyhose, the free movement of skirts, the sexiness of heels, the softness of my female features, my long hair, my clean shaven vagina that gave incredible orgasms, the ability to cross my legs and my entire life in general. I couldn’t go back. This was too great. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to find out where life will take me as a female. I must say I’m attractive. I could be a model.

Videospiel ( German )

Es war an einem Samstag Mittag und ich hatte sturmfreie Bude. Denn meine Eltern sind über das Wochenende weggefahren. Also rief ich (Timo) Jens an und wir trafen uns bei mir zum zocken. Wir hatten ja sonst nichts zu tun als 16 jährige Singles. Als erstes spielten wir ein paar uns alt bekannte Spiele. Dann, nach einer Weile griff ich in mein Spieleregal und zog ein Brand neues Strategiespiel heraus. Es trug den Namen “The Switcher”. Jens Augen begannen zu leuchten als er das neue Spiel sah. Und auch ich war neugierig auf das neue Game. Ich legte die DVD in die Spielkonsole und startete die Box. Zu Beginn wurde man das übliche abgefragt wie zum Beispiel die Anzahl der Spieler, den Schwierigkeitsgrad und so weiter. Doch dann kamen seltsame Fragen. Man konnte für jeden Player das Geschlecht, das Erscheinungsbild und noch weitere seltsame Dinge eingeben. Jens und ich machten uns den Spaß und verpassten unseren Spielfiguren junge, weibliche, sexy Bodys. Ungefähr so, wie wir sie gerne als Freundinnen gehabt hätten. Als wir endlich alle Eingaben getätigt hatten, passierte etwas seltsames. Der Screen ordnete sich in vier Teile. In dreien waren süße Mädels zu sehn. Entweder alleine oder zu zweit. Im vierten sahen wir uns selbst. Dann blendete sich ein Text ein. Read more

The Touch

After mouthy male porn star Dick Stocker was turned into Dixie Strokes for being rough with a female porn star; he was at first in shock, but once his urges kicked in he lived up to HER new name.

Insulting the Flight Attendant

After calling the flight attendant a bitch for giving him warm beer, Ted would find he would be in a for a different ride this flight. She had newly acquired magic powers and was dying to try them out on someone. She turned Tad into a woman instantly and his smile from the insult quickly faded once he realized he had boobs, long blue fingernails, long hair, and a different feeling groin area. Read more

Busty Trusty

Rhonda, Brenda, Jess, Tess, and Rory, all welcomed Tim to womanhood much to his surprise and shock. Rhonda and Jess hefted and licked his new boobs, as Rory licked his new pussy. Brenda and Tess declared that Tiffany was born as “she” moaned in ecstasy as her pussy was eaten out. Tim now Tiffany had said she loved big breasted slutty girls, so they made him into one. The girls didn’t appreciate being called sluts, so a little revenge and addition to their girl group was in order for Tim to learn a lesson and join them as their newest member of the Roxy Foxy group of party gals.

Need to Get Dressed

Sure Ned was shocked when he woke up at the lab in Rebecca’s busty body. He stared in the mirror, reached below to find his new equipment, then zipped up his tight black pants, and touched a feel of his new ample breasts. She had often said women didn’t move up well at the Research Royal Company, so perhaps she had used their experimental body swap machine to switch their bodies? That had to be it, but now in Rebecca’s body, he had no clearance to get even close to it, let along find Rebecca in his body, and then swap back. Perhaps he should have protected the machine better, but had fallen asleep in the lab with the door open. Read more

Family Photo

Paul and his sons Carl, Terry, and Grady always treated Lucy like trash. She regretted ever marrying someone like Paul. One day, she happened across a strange occult shop that appeared one day while she was out trying to find a gift for Paul’s birthday. After looking around for a while, she found an old camera. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to buy such an old piece of junk when they could just take pictures with their phones. The shop owner told her that the camera was extremely unique. The old woman took a picture of herself with it and transformed right before Lucy’s very eyes. Shocked, Lucy immediately purchased the camera. Read more