Choosing a Wizard for a Roommate

My good friend Lee had asked me if I wanted to look for apartments with him. I figured I could use the money saved by splitting rent and whats the harm in two good bros living together. So I said yes.

Before we signed the contract for the great apartment we found, Lee mentioned that he was a wizard, and occasionally used magic around the house. I figured that he was just in to New Age stuff, so I thought nothing of it.

I realized it was real the first time I saw the vacuum running itself through our place. I was a little shocked, but hey, this was cool- less work for both of us.

But it became a lot less convenient for me when he walked in to my bedroom one day and proclaimed, “I’m really horny, and you are going to help me with that.”

Well, as you can see from the video, I changed a bit. I was quite upset at first, but the magic, and the sex, have taught me to enjoy my new fate in life. I figure there are worse things than being a horny wizards girlfriend. He seems to really care about me. He used his magic to give me a whole new wardrobe. He has told me I won’t ever have to work again. Maybe he has tricked me, but for a body like this, and sex this good, I will take being tricked


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