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I Think I Messed Up

My girlfriend kept disappearing. Not for too long, one or two days at the most, but I was concerned. She claimed she was going to the beach for a “girls’ day” but I was honestly starting to get a little paranoid. I resolved to find out for myself the next time she vanished—-and I had the means to do so. After all, I had an honest to god magic book. Sure, lots of it were in Latin, and I’d only sorta paid attention in that class in college, but hey, everything had worked just fine before. Read more

Genie Series #8. @Rahja

Genie had to take a short break. She wasn’t used to granting so many wishes in so little time. Hoever, having previously read James wish, she was eager to grant it. James had written: “Hello Genie. My name is James, I was always jealous of those wizard who can do whatever they want. So I wish to be wielder of magical powers by myself”. Genie was excited, there aren’t that many magical beings in our world, so creating a new one is quite an honor. “Well, I can’t turn you into a wizard” Genie thought about James, “There aren’t many wizards, and they usually end up having some shop at a mall. And that is no fun”. After thinking about it for a while, Genie smiled, “Wish granted” and faded away. Read more

Coming Out Of Shell

He was always the quiet type. People urged him to come out of his shell but he refused. He was the quiet type, there was no doubt about that. His friends felt that he was a great person and others needed to see that, so they did him a favour. They allowed him to come out of his shell.
The wizard was more than happy to assist. He cast the spell that made him a her. He became a stunning blonde with an outgoing personality.
Her new identity was that of Shawna and she had a reasonable amount of money which meant she had the ideal wardrobe for an outgoing woman. Mini skirts, lingerie, fake tan, make up, pantyhose, bikinis and the colour pink was in abundance.
Shawna was world famous for her social media. Nothing was off limits. Next week she’s delving into the realm of pornography. She certainly came out of her shell.

Wizards and time

The dark lord was terrorizing the land, and the only hope of the people was the mage council, containing the 10 stronger known wizards.
In front of the desperate situation, these wizards used all their ressources to concentrate on finding a solution.
Their final plans were simple:
They would use divination spells to look in the future and find the farthest descendant of one of the wizards considering their combined capacities, and combine all of their magic to send the mind of that person’s ancestor to take over his body. The goal being to find futuristic technologies that would allow the defeat of the dark lord. Read more

Festival of the Sun

Southern California had always been a lot more trendy and “multi-culti” than a lot of other places, and Aztec “Festival of the Sun” fairs had really caught on there—minus the human sacrifice, of course. In fact, the Festival of the Sun was almost more like a cross between a renaissance fair and a trendy twenty first century take on Aztec life—-they even had jousting! Read more

Don’t Laugh

While our wives were out shopping, my new neighbor and I sat in my kitchen getting acquainted. I laughed out loud when he told me he was a powerful wizard. I’m not laughing now, as he takes me on my own kitchen counter, As a woman!

Hot One

I strutted down the runway,stroking my long hair in the process. Even six months ago, the footwear would have given me trouble, but now I handled the heels like a pro. The dress and the coat clung to my body, accentuating the curves. I was feeling good. I had recently added blonde highlights to my brunette hair—a sure sign I was getting used to my new from. Being a wizard forced into a female body to avoid my enemies sucked, but hey, if I was going to be a girl, I was going to be a hot one.

Spreading Their Legs

Michael smirked as he frantically ran his hand up and down his boner. “Get ready, ladies….” he murmured. There was no reaction from the two naked girls on the bed that would indicate they knew they were Michael’s roommates before he’d altered reality and used his new spell to turn them into what they were; all there was was two vacant, pleased smiles. The girls spread their legs in preparation. They’d be doing a lot of that……