I Think I Messed Up

My girlfriend kept disappearing. Not for too long, one or two days at the most, but I was concerned. She claimed she was going to the beach for a “girls’ day” but I was honestly starting to get a little paranoid. I resolved to find out for myself the next time she vanished—-and I had the means to do so. After all, I had an honest to god magic book. Sure, lots of it were in Latin, and I’d only sorta paid attention in that class in college, but hey, everything had worked just fine before.

I found the incantation for “following a target without drawing attention” and read from the book. Nothing happened for a minute, and just as I started wondering if I’d read it wrong, the room started to spin.

When the spinning stopped, I quickly realized two things—I was right behind my girlfriend, and I was a blonde chick in a very bright pink bikini. “I think I messed up”….I said under my breath. How was I going to explain this one?


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