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Collateral Damage pt. 1

Bill rushed out of the bathroom to answer the door. He had heard his phone ring earlier while he was on the shitter, and of course once he got close to finishing up somebody knocked on the door. He opened it to see a gorgeous girl in a necklace and one-piece bathing suit staring at him. Read more

It’s, like, Not What It Looks Like!

“It’s, like, not what it looks like!” I squealed, closing my laptop and jumping onto my bed. My girlfriend had come in through the backdoor and I wasn’t expecting her home so early, so she totally surprised me. Read more

Missing brother

It was about 10 years ago when my younger brother Andrew went missing. We were at the beach, having a family vacation, when he jus vanished. We looked everywhere, and he was nowhere to be found. During our search, and at our hotel room, I met Audrey, a nice girl, about my brother’s age that helped us look for him. But still we had no luck. My parents didn’t lose hope. And apart from one letter from Andrew that said he was ok, and to not worry from him, we didn’t find anything elseabout his disappearance. Read more

A Forced Night Out

“Keep smiling or I make your tits bigger, Nathan.” My girlfriend whispered into my ear, holding the gun she changed me with behind my back. “My not so manly boyfriend has some pretty impressive breasts, but I’m sure the guys here would love it if your tits were bigger.” Read more

Looking for answers

Tom knew his friend Dave had something to do with his predicament. He had just grew breasts after drinking from a bottle Dave left on his car last night. It was slowly transforming Tom into an 18 year old girl. Right after drinkring from it Tom grew breasts. As anyone would expect, Tom changed course towards Dave’s home. Read more

Hair dye

So here i am a 55 year old man with grey hair. I decided to dye my hair and surprise my girlfriend being she was 20 years younger then me I wanted to look younger for her. People say it make you look 10 year younger. I go to the store and was looking for Just For Men hair dye when i came across a coupon for a new dye that women use. It was 5 dollars off, figuring it all the same stuff I found my color and bought it. I got home and mixed the stuff together and started to apply it to my hair. The smell was awesome and tingling was a little strange. I ve done this before and never felt this good. So 30 min later i started to wash it out and noticing as i was washing it out the Tingling was now going though my whole body and my hair seem real thick. After drying my hair i seen that it was now long and I seem to have boobs. Looking in the mirror I was shocked that I was now a Girl. I had to get back to the store so i went into my girlfriends draw and for some reason I actually put on one of her bikinis. Playing with my hair and posing i just could not help myself and started taking selfies. I looked really awesome and felt so young.
I hope my girlfriend doesn’t get pis at me, not just because i fill out this bikini better then she did, but i think im going to like this. Seem like my mind has changed as well. Maybe a trip to the Mall and some shopping we can hit a club tonight. that should work…..

Idle Wish

It had been just an idle wish.
He just wanted to know how Olivia felt right now.
The next second his wish was answered and he was suddenly in her room.
In her body.
Truth to be told he did feel something.
It affected his whole being.
He touched himself in all kind of ways.
Dancing out from her clothes.
Feeling the curves of her body. Read more

Little Experiment gone wrong for the girlfriend

So my girlfriend has this weird idea to turn me into a Latina girl like her and share what it feels like and she always wanted to do it with a women as well. Not knowing she invited her friend from work. As she was sucking my tits she tolded me to mounted her friend, i wasnt sure being an all male guy but i did it and OMG the dick in my pussy was like in heaven I was thing like a horny women in heat. I had 3 orgasms and still going. I think she is going to have problem because as of now i am not into her or any women. All i want now is more dick in my pussy.

A great couple

I hated Tom for transforming me. I wanted to kick him in the nuts. I sure didn’t want to be a woman. But as I was about to, he said something that changed my mind. “But you are so beautiful, and I would surely like to date a girl as cute as you” he said. I stopped what I was doing, I tilted my head, I couldn’t believe he had just said that. “Aww… He’s so cute too” I thought. I wanted to kiss him, but I refrained by biting my lips. Read more